Auctions of my works for phototherapy project

Well I finally gathered some of my works, that I wish to scatter among you!

As Easter approaches, I chose to start with my naughty bunnies. Some are: curious, in love, unhappy, dreamy... Adopt the one that touches your heart the most! :)

And I will also have some spring art works and some for different tastes. Depending on the response...

Auction can be found at CreatissimoLab FB page. Anyone who does not have Facebook profile, and still wants to participate, can write their offer here in the comments and I will put his/her offer on FB for him/her. For any questions about the auctions, please contact me by e-mail.

I'm sure you know the rest:
Money from the auctions will go for the phototherapy project. You can read about the progress of the project on a special blog.

Here are the links to the auctions that I will add continuously:

Thanks in advance for your cooperation! All we involved in the project are sending you our Love!