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It's true...

...that it is a beautiful spring and that there were times when I had time for sewing, but... not anymore.

Someone (not me!) has got this crazy idea to renovate the whole house! So, here we are, working on this big project day and night, before I go to work, after I go to work, no time for any free time, no time for breathing...

Would you believe me that I have fun?! My studio has moved into another room and is half way finished. I'm so excited! Many more rooms with big changes are on the go...

Tiring, but inspiring :) - It seems like I'm not just cleaning our house, but am cleaning my inner self too. It's a hard work, I guess.

So, this blog is a bit lonely these days... :(

Are you doing some spring cleaning as well? I hope you have fun, too!

Good morning!

For me, a 'good morning' means that the first thing I see is:

  • white and bright room,
  • colors,
  • a journal, waiting for me,
  • and the excitement I feel, knowing I will have time for creating.
'Good morning' is a first theme in a year's 2012 (#1/12) PHOTOproject by Luzia Pimpinella, in which I'm going to participate. I love the motto of the project: Beauty is where you find it. I couldn't agree more.

Luzia Pimpinella is one of my favorite blogs, full of beautiful pictures, thoughts and unique views. Come and check it out, plus look at the other works of people participating. It is interesting and fun! 

I'm also participating in another photo-challange this year. You will find Project P52 2012 on Google Plus. Every week we have a new theme to photograph. Then we put our images on our G+ site. You can find my images when clicking on the picture below:  


Photography means a lot to me, so it's about time to spend some time with it :). Get ready for more!