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I love books

Don't you think that the best gift for the book lovers would be a beautiful bookmark in the shape of heart? We made one!

That kind of a bookmark you can create for everyone whom do you hear saying: 'I love books. I love to read.'

It is a practical gift and a little, beautiful surprise. Everyone will love it!

And for the less pessionate book lovers... you can create the bookmarks from our yesterday's post :). The important thing is that you take some time for creating and to share your created works with people, dear to you, don't you think?

Have a lovely, creative day!

Cultural hour

In Slovenia we celebrate Cultural Day tomorrow. So that's a good excuse to be 'cultural' and take a cultural hour for yourself and your creating. What first comes on my mind (because we remember our famous poet Prešeren on this day) are books (with their special scents), then bookmarks, then letters and after that all the other (official) 'cultural' things.

So, why not creating something in an hour? How about creating some simple and unique bookmarks?

You can write an initial letter of the owner of a bookmark on the top and decorate it. And on the rest of the bookmark, you can write (your) thought, quote, poem, part of the book that you like the most and you want to have it always near you.

That's how our experiments turned out in red ink (for Irene, Zara and Nicolas)...
How about yours?

Scents like culture

Whenever I hear the word culture, the first thing that comes on my mind is a book: especially that kind of a book that was used a lot, read million times, with the inviting scent and selected with a great care. The loveliest is the one, written by hand, decorated, colorful and irreplaceable...


I love the books because I can create my own visions, my own 'movies' when reading them; besides, I can find interesting words, sentences, thoughts in them with which I can play in my mind or on paper far after the book has been read. With books I can freely use my own imagination and give it wings. My way!

Today it was a Cultural day in Slovenia. How would I like to spend a Cultural day (or every day)? Absolutely among the scenting books in a big library and maybe even with a lovely surprise like this one - with my favourite music, in joyfulness and spontaneousness...:

We should have used our creativity and imagination more often and let them take us into their own direction, don't you think? We should have jumped into creative flow more often and with more courage...

What would be your favourite way of celebrating the Cultural day?


I love books! More and more I'm interested in the old ones - there's something about that yellowish paper and oldish scent that makes me forget about reality and makes me jump into the world of magic and imagination... always, even now, when I'm older...


But that's not all. I have another book-related obsession: words. I split them, create new ones, play with them, look for their source, write them down if I really like them... One of these words is: 'serendipity'. Every time I see it or say it, I see sparkles all around me like in a fairytale. I feel freedom, I feel like I could do everything, I feel light and excited. I feel like I could fly! 

So today, I am thankful for the books, the paper ones, because they entice me again and again with their inviting scent right into the magical world of imagination. And thanks for all the beautiful, fascinating words that make my life rich and interesting. And may I dedicate this post to a little girl Oja, whose wonderful vocabulary made my last year's school days super special. I miss them! 

Question #4:

Do you have a special, 'your' word as well? What makes it special?

PS: The question is part of the game ?Giving thanks, giving gifts'. Join us! (You can find the rules in one of  the previous posts here and all the questions in all December posts). Rejoyce with us and have fun!

Between the lines

Prešeren (remembering our Slovene poet on Slovene Cultural Day).

Thinking about his words, his life, his dream.

What was put into his cradle when he was born?

What inspired him? What made him happy?

When I visit his home, I feel at home, although his home in Vrba is small and empty. Very different from a vivid Prešeren's market in Kranj. Everything seems to be 'Prešeren' - a quiet person and a person, full of life... We can be everything, too!

Happy cultural and creative day to all of you, dear readers - be who you are!