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Stories on the walls

Have you ever strolled a city, 'reading' the stories of the city's walls? Sometimes there are just empty windows with cold looks, open doors with inviting stairs, and sometimes you can find walls with colorful, rich and exciting stories on them.


I don't see many stories in the modern cities anymore. Just graffiti. No artists employed to decorate the facades, no creative stories to share with visitors, no space for imagination...

I wonder where did all the stories go? 

Luckily there are people who are writing their stories on  the walls 'for free'. Great stories, soulful stories... My favourite is artist JR whose wish is to use art to turn the world inside out. He is an inspiration how to make our place on Earth a little better.                                                                                           

Doesn't he make you wonder how would your story look like on the walls of your town? Be creative!

Red thread

Red thread of my trip to France were threads ;).

Lots of them... In different shapes and forms...

On clothes...

Among small details...

This year I was fascinated by the Slovene lace-makers. Wonderful idea - these flowers! Don't you think so?

We could also see some more lovely ideas there.

My favorite were apples. This one was really cute... 

This is a little inspiration for you today... What would you create?


Whenever I spend my vacation in Austria (or anywhere else), there are a few things I need to do and see. Hiking, cycling and spending time in nature are on the list. And then there's a big thing called: art. Either visiting museums, galleries, or art studios... - there has to be something that pleases my eyes. 

Maybe, from all my images that you mostly see on my blog, you would think I'm in love with white. But actually, I like colors very, very much too. Esp. on art works. But today, I chose white art works to show you. Because they have a special meaning to me. They spoke to my heart.

I wondered how fragile they looked and innocent. Who would dare to touch them, hold them? They were just too white, too delicate to be touched. I even wondered if they'd break just by looking at them!

But then I looked at that detail of this art work:

What does that remind you of? Doesn't it look like teeth? And I thought how strange - our teeth look fragile and sensitive, but in reality, they are strong like a rock. 

So, this is an image I chose for the Kat Sloma's Photo-Heart Connection of the month January. When going through the images in January, this was the image that spoke to me, saying that although we might feel fragile, we can still be strong and 'bite' through the 'food' we don't like.

Check the other Photo-Heart Connections there and enjoy in white winter (we've finally got some snow!).

Creative Zagreb

Somehow I was able to find a few minutes (and I really mean 'a few minutes'!) in Zagreb to visit another creatively colored art market, in a nice ambient where the market was perfectly set up in (the art works had 'space' to 'breath').
I enjoyed it! (I guess it shows on the photographs, eh?)

(a fitting ambient; with works:...)

( reduced color palette)

( colored color palette)

( natural palette)

(...and in B/W palette)

Oh, how my fingers wanted to create!...

Unfortunately, it was no time to record the names of the artists of those interesting creative works :(.

How about you? Have you been to any exhibitions lately or to an inspiring market?