If I had chosen a word for this year, it would have been: simplify.

That's a whisper I hear from Nature when I try maneuvering through our chaotic life. I think, the more you learn and the more you know, the more you come to the situation when you have to choose. Choose how you want to live, what to say, what to do and how you want to do it.

It is absurd how many things we have to choose from, but it is so hard to find 'the right one' for us. It is absurd, how many theories and news we hear daily, but there's hardly one to believe or trust. It's hard to tell what illusion is and what not. 

So, it is time to simplify. And, yes, it is that simple!

In the movie 'Power of One' it was said: 'You'll find all the answers in nature'. So, go away from daily dramas served by the media, and seek the answers to your questions in the nature. Her answers are short, clear and simple. Yes, it is that simple!

Wishing you simplified days!

A gift of today

Almost without words I'm saying thanks to this special day that it exists. It knows why.

And I begin this year with a thought to which I will dedicate more time this year (but more about that some other time):

'Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better.' (- Albert Einstein)


It is time to leave the old behind and open the door to new.

The last thought of the Giving thanks, giving gifts: changes.

Let yourself live the way you want and let the things that burden you, stay behind, in the 'last' year. It is time for changes!

Wishing you all the best!

Let it go

Many times we want to have everything. We are holding on the old with our hands, but at the same time we want to grab everything new that we see in front of us. But we only have two hands, so we can't hold everything. Especially, if we want to change our 'old' life for a new one, a better one.

Thought No.11 of Giving thanks, giving gifts: let the old go.

Sail away with a courage. Be open for everything new - new experiences and new explorations. Don't hold onto the old; the trees are not holding to their leaves either. However, every spring they dress themselves into their new clothes.

Let the sailing through the new year brings you joy!

Choose your direction

Crossroads are interesting, if you don't have a map in your hands and you don't know exactly where you go. There are days when you just live from moment to moment. You wait that something will happen all by itself and you will live your dreams... until the happy end...

Inspiration No.10 of Giving thanks, giving gifts: choose your direction.

Although it sounds wonderful, at the end, you still have to choose your direction. Some people never go anywhere because they feel good at home even though they don't like lots of things there. Some people stop at the first crossroads and think, think, think where to go. They wait that someone else will decide for them instead. 

But a courage is to use your own brain, your own feet and decide to go. Into direction you've chosen.

Let your head and feet take you very far in the new year!


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