Stories on the walls

Have you ever strolled a city, 'reading' the stories of the city's walls? Sometimes there are just empty windows with cold looks, open doors with inviting stairs, and sometimes you can find walls with colorful, rich and exciting stories on them.


I don't see many stories in the modern cities anymore. Just graffiti. No artists employed to decorate the facades, no creative stories to share with visitors, no space for imagination...

I wonder where did all the stories go? 

Luckily there are people who are writing their stories on  the walls 'for free'. Great stories, soulful stories... My favourite is artist JR whose wish is to use art to turn the world inside out. He is an inspiration how to make our place on Earth a little better.                                                                                           

Doesn't he make you wonder how would your story look like on the walls of your town? Be creative!

Inspiring click

People say all sorts of things about what makes a great photograph. They argue about the photo gear, composition, light etc. I think it's all in the click.


If you know your camera (no matter how big or small the camera is) and if you listen to your inner voice, then you know exactly what to do in a particular moment. You know when to click. 


That's why I don't like 'staged' pictures, pictures made with all sorts of extra equipment, pictures so perfect that you find them too perfect, unreal... For me, photographs are experiments - experiments with perspective, view, light, expressions etc., etc.

If I lived in a city, I would go on the streets and just click, click, click. Like Vivian Maier did years ago (this photo is one of my favourites, but of course there are many more). Exploring, clicking, experimenting... Not making a big science out of it, but still dedicating the entire soul to every click. Taking pictures of the beautiful 'here and now'.

Life is made of clicks, inspiring clicks. We should all focus on the good ones and create a visual board we want to see. Enjoy!


Today we've painted on the white Winter's canvas with bright, happy colors!


We tricked her, pretending we're somebody else...


We played games and laughed...


We had a healthy Carnival lunch...


and then...


we let our spring wishes fly up in the sky!


I believe it's not the noise that drives away the Winter, but the colors! I hope you had a colorfuuuuul day, too!

Scents like culture

Whenever I hear the word culture, the first thing that comes on my mind is a book: especially that kind of a book that was used a lot, read million times, with the inviting scent and selected with a great care. The loveliest is the one, written by hand, decorated, colorful and irreplaceable...


I love the books because I can create my own visions, my own 'movies' when reading them; besides, I can find interesting words, sentences, thoughts in them with which I can play in my mind or on paper far after the book has been read. With books I can freely use my own imagination and give it wings. My way!

Today it was a Cultural day in Slovenia. How would I like to spend a Cultural day (or every day)? Absolutely among the scenting books in a big library and maybe even with a lovely surprise like this one - with my favourite music, in joyfulness and spontaneousness...:

We should have used our creativity and imagination more often and let them take us into their own direction, don't you think? We should have jumped into creative flow more often and with more courage...

What would be your favourite way of celebrating the Cultural day?