Welcome, welcome, welcome! 

I'm glad you've made it to my creative lab!


Years of working with people, esp. kids, sparkled the idea of creating a comfortable, creative space - a lab, where you are allowed to experiment, test and explore the World without worries to make mistakes. We can experiment with fresh ideas, imagination, nature, words, our feelings and problems, camera, magic and LOTS MORE.

Relying on a healing power of creative process, we can achieve everything we want!

  • Join me on my blog for a daily dose of inspiration, magic and healing formulas.
  • Dig deep with me and let me guide you through your transformations with my super-powerful tools. 
  • Adopt pieces of my soul to bring sparkle to your home or to the people you adore.   
  • Contact me and talk to me in person if you prefer more privacy.  
  • Read all about me and connect with me - who knows, maybe we are soul-mates?!

Let's do this journey together and enrich the World!