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Power of One

Have you ever wondered where's your place in this World? What can we really do among so many other people doing 'their' things?

I like to imagine that I am like one of the cells in my body... I do my job every day, I do the things that I feel I need to do, I do them the best I can. If I wander away from my direction, the World will get sick, just as we get sick when our cells stop functioning the way they supposed to...

So, I do believe every person on this planet is important. I count, you count, we count. I rely on you, you rely on me - in order to stay well and happy. I believe in the power of One.

Because of my belief, my next question is: 'What I can do to help others follow their direction?' I can't tell them where to go or what to do. They need to follow their own path, their own inner map. So, I help them in many different ways. As you know, I help some with art therapy and phototherapy techniques. I help the others with my little books and illustrations. This year I started to help with my images, my photos - transformed into greeting cards, they have a special mission to help people follow their paths. Find out how we do it in our Vision & Verb Shoppe, where you can find and buy our images and help too.

We are helping people via non-profit organization Kiva. They do a great job and I'm really happy to know that the power of one makes such a wonderful change in the World. We want every cell of our bodies to stay healthy, and we can gain this doing what we can at this moment, on this day and every day! 

Do you believe in the power of One? How do you help, how can we help and how do you like our idea of helping the others? Is it worth it?

All right

I'm back. Don't ask me where I've been. I don't remember, I was half dead. I was sick and unable to do anything! I couldn't read, eat, talk, move... - anything. It was no fun.

I wish I had the right magic potion at hand then...

Luckily, I'm feeling better now. It's time to catch up with my work and other obligations. I still can't sit at the computer for long, but at least I can do other things. Today, you can find my post at Vision & Verb, also, don't forget to join me from time to time at my FB page and G+ to get inspired and creative. It's wonderful to connect with you!

Sometimes, little things make a difference; and that's exactly what I love about you and your visits. Just saying hi or writing your thoughts in the comments can make a difference - for me or somebody else. Some of you already made a difference by supporting me and my project(s). [More about the progress I'll write in a few weeks to you via e-mail and personally]. Maybe that was a little step or gesture from you, but a big difference for me. You've changed my life! 

I think, we can do so much together, if we try! Esp., now that we feel so sad and wonurable in this world situation, everything matters. We should step together, support each other, be together! Thank you to everyone who decided to support me! :)

My world is breaking to peaces lately. Physically and literally. I don't know if this means that something good will come out of this. I hope. Our renovations of the house are still in the 'dirty phase'. I still don't have my own bed to sleep in, floors are gone, you'll see white dust everywhere...

I don't know what will the future bring, but I try to be brave and say: everything's going to be all right.

How about you? Are you all right?

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No matter what...

... you are MORE!...

Come, join me at Vision & Verb blog and read what it came out from my deepest part of my heart - it is a message to YOU in these not-quite-happy days...

Besides the words there, you will also see one of my favorite images I made a while ago... It was taken in Mozart's house in Salzburg (Austria).

Have a nice weekend!

#8: Why not?

Today, read the post at Vision & Verb blog and answer the question here:

Question #8: Is there a choice in your life you're really proud of?


Find the rules of the game 'Giving thanks, giving gifts 2011' here. Have a good day and thank you for sharing your thoughts!