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Easter on your mind


Only one week to go and Easter will be here. My statistics shows that some people are searching for my Easter works and ideas on my blog and website. So, to make it easier for everybody, I gathered some of my Easter creations in this post (with the links)...


Here they are, but first, read what you will see after you follow the links below.

[These links are closed.]


Sweet hearts

Thank you with all my heart to all of you, sweet hearts, who follow my blog, visit my FB page and Twitter tweets.

What would we do without friends, eh?
Show your friends that you love them! If you don't know how, I can give you a suggestion: my little gift book Mačji recepti z mišjo prilogo.

That's what they've written about it:
"In the cute little book Mačji recepti z mišjo prilogo, the cats and mice give us advice for long-lasting friendship and true love."

But if you have other things in your mind, like sweet hearts...

Have you ever wondered how Valentine's sweets were made in the old times and where you could have found them? Check it out and see yourself - on the photos from my old photo-album:

(hot love?)

(squeezing hearts?)

(and what flavour is your love?)

Love each other - on Valentine's Day and always!

PS: In the previous post I'm still waiting for your creativity to show. Aren't you creative lately?? You can show us more works, ideas... if you can't decide for only 'the one' ;)

Creative studio - part 3

...where dreams come true...

Do you also have a feeling sometimes that you should nest your creative space in a creative shop or put the creative shop into your creative studio?!?

Today I'll show you the last part of my creative studio. Visit the www Dom in Stil - click on the link below to see the article with the pictures:

Wishing you a beautiful, creative day!

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