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Christmas gifts from our Lab

It all smells and sparkles in our CreatissimoLab Shop already!!

Have you been to our website and checked this year's collection of eco Xmas cards (from the recycling paper)?
Or saw the famous cats (from my reprinted hit gift book:
'Mačji recepti z mišjo prilogo'), that have settled in a pocket calendar and are waiting for you to color them according to your taste?
What about the bookmarks for passionate readers? The bookmarks can be used as Xmas cards as well!
And for those who want to bring the holiday spirit in their home, there's a section with Decor gifts for every home
(some are still in our Lab, but will be added soon).

Click on the link below to enter a special, festive section of our shop, and treat yourself with special, handmade Xmas goodies:

Some of the works are unique (one and only), and some of them can be ordered if you want more (so hurry with the orders, reservations and shopping as quantities are limited!).

When you get to the website, open the collection that you want to view, click on the thumbnails to see the products in close up, and below them you can read how many are in stock and other useful information.

All works are hand-made, including templates (for screenprinting and text on the cards).

For orders, reservations and purchases please click the links which will lead you to the e-shop or email us ('contact') for details.

And those who will receive such great handmade and special cards... - Why don't you prepare a special place for them?
On DomInStil website you can look at the idea that I have prepared for you,; just follow the simple instructions and create your own special board. Click on the link below to jump there:

Wishing you a great creative energy and sunshine (if not in nature, then at least in your heart), and we'll see you in our store! - We can't wait!!

Creative studio - part 2

...where dreams come true...

It has been a while since you could have read this post about the planning of my creative studio.

Finally you can see some more (- in pictures and words). How my creative studio grew up from a plan to a real creative space - first the cabinets, then table, and then...

Check my kingdom on www Dom in Stil, when you click the link below:

A brief summary:
a) a creative table with the handles, which have many functions (and under the table handcarts with creative stuff: inks, colored pencils, aquarells, modelling materials, decor materials etc.)
b) hidden big ball for sitting (you can only see the handle)
c) hidden magnetic board (behind the corner)
d) small cabinets
e) cabinets with sliding doors (and creative stuff like paper, things for designing, creative and other literature, sketchbooks etc).
f) the open part of a cabinet with things like business folders, canvas, wooden frames, my 'experimental' book etc.

Hm, you might now ask where do I have paints and stamps and screenprinting stuff?? Well, more about that next time, so you better come and visit my blog again!

See Ya!


...I feel better than yesterday and even better than over the weekend... I've got sick with a virus and I had to spend the weekend in bed.
After a special diet, full of vitamins, minerals, time without books, computer, phone, talking, etc, etc, I'm back on my feet and will be able to attend the openning of the exhibition in castle Turjak (today at 7 p.m. - you could read about it on my website and FBpage). There you can play a detective and look for my art work (actually, there are 3 ;) ).

If you can't make it, then you can make yourself busy with creative work. How about painting the wooden frame?!

Of course you will find the instructions how to do that on the www Dom in Stil, when you click the link:

If you don't know what kind of colour of the frame to choose for a particular painting, you'll find some tips about that in the article as well.

That's about it for today. Tomorrow...
Hm, tomorrow I'll have to be in even better shape as I'll have workshops with kids in one of the libraries. Ooops, I guess you've read about that on my website already, right?

Stay healthy and 'on the go'!

Creative studio...

...where dreams come true...

Finally, you can peep into my creative corner - from beginning to the end.

It took some time to think about what I need in the studio and what the layout would look like to be practical as much as possible. So that you don't stumble over the things on the floor or spill the paint on the first swing of the arm - I'm sure you know what I mean :).

(planning the creative studio)

Now, that I use it already, I know that it is a place, satisfying my taste and needs, and that I just don't want to go out of there!!

More about the beginnings of my creative corner on www Dom in Stil, if you click the link below:

Are you particularly interested in something I wrote in the article? No problem - just ask me! :)

And of course, I already can't wait to get your comments and read how you've designed and organised your own creative corner, studio, office or 'just a space for you'.

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