All right

I'm back. Don't ask me where I've been. I don't remember, I was half dead. I was sick and unable to do anything! I couldn't read, eat, talk, move... - anything. It was no fun.

I wish I had the right magic potion at hand then...

Luckily, I'm feeling better now. It's time to catch up with my work and other obligations. I still can't sit at the computer for long, but at least I can do other things. Today, you can find my post at Vision & Verb, also, don't forget to join me from time to time at my FB page and G+ to get inspired and creative. It's wonderful to connect with you!

Sometimes, little things make a difference; and that's exactly what I love about you and your visits. Just saying hi or writing your thoughts in the comments can make a difference - for me or somebody else. Some of you already made a difference by supporting me and my project(s). [More about the progress I'll write in a few weeks to you via e-mail and personally]. Maybe that was a little step or gesture from you, but a big difference for me. You've changed my life! 

I think, we can do so much together, if we try! Esp., now that we feel so sad and wonurable in this world situation, everything matters. We should step together, support each other, be together! Thank you to everyone who decided to support me! :)

My world is breaking to peaces lately. Physically and literally. I don't know if this means that something good will come out of this. I hope. Our renovations of the house are still in the 'dirty phase'. I still don't have my own bed to sleep in, floors are gone, you'll see white dust everywhere...

I don't know what will the future bring, but I try to be brave and say: everything's going to be all right.

How about you? Are you all right?

Posted on April 13, 2012 and filed under Vision and Verb, misc, thoughts.