Our dark side

We all have some good days and some bad days... How do you handle your bad days? Are you angry at yourself, do you simply ignore them or do you 'sit in the corner waiting that bad things disappear'?


Sometimes I'm really upset when dark clouds come (unannounced) and put my energy level down and the mood. Ok, I know that we wouldn't admire the stars if there were no dark nights to make the stars shine..., but sometimes even positive thinking doesn't work for me.

However, sometimes I'm prepared and then I try to use my creative imagination and play with my dark side until it is not bright again. I explore what we can create together: a B&W drawing, a magical box with a hidden treasure inside, a (dark) selfy with my camera... When playing with my dark side, I forget about what really bothers me, I put it on the paper and live it there... Sometimes, at art therapy, we have a process to burn the created work, but I prefer to transform it into something that I like instead. I take it as a lesson in my life, so I don't want to burn it to make it disappear.

So, why not make something creative or special with your darker side as well; instead of denying it or torturing yourself with it?? Look what you can do with your shadow, which is in a way a symbol of our darker side...

Just be who you are, be creative and may your dark side be an opportunity to express yourself in a special, unique way!