Knock - knock

How often do you notice that you don't persist long enough to get what you've planned? I noticed for myself, that I often give up waaaaay before something might have happened.

Luckily I found these wise words that now, when I'm weak, remind me to not give up.

Giving thanks, giving gifts #3: Persistence

The speed with which we drive through the days, allows us not to wait in front of the door if the door doesn't open right away. We are already at the next door, and the next, and the next. Finally, we don't pick up the door we want to knock on anymore and whom we're going to visit; we just keep knocking on every door until one of them won't open fast enough for us.

Speed is tempting, but illusory. It offers moments of pleasure and excitement, when we race from door to door. There's no time for getting angry, sad and there's no time to sit down and wait in front of the door until the door open. For some, speedy is a way they want to live, because then they don't need to go deep into inner self or think about themselves.

Therefore, if we really want something (and we know that only if we know ourselves well enough and listen to inner self), then keep on knocking, knocking, persist! It will open... - if not the door, then a window for sure!

Wishing you lots of persistence!


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