Do what you Love – Love what you do

 'Today, I only do what brings me joy and happiness, things I love to do and that make my heart cheer, and I do them in my own way and in my own rhythm…' (Charlie Chaplin)

What do you do in your Life, with your Life? Do you do what brings you joy and hapiness? Do you listen to your heart and dreams?

Years ago, when I was staying in America, it was my first time when I heard about Art Therapy. 'Hm', I said, 'that sounds interesting! Hm, that's something I would love to do!' But, I was young and oh-not-so-ready to study Jung, Freud and who-knows-who in English… I thought I had all my life ahead of me… and off I went back home and forgot all about that (but never forgot it deep in my heart).

15 years later, my life and my heart brought me back to Art Therapy again. This time I listened, this time I was ready. Luckily, I didn't have to study it in English or abroad as I signed for the post-graduate programme at our University in Ljubljana. And the studying has changed my Life. I would see people differently, I would listen to them differently, I would do things differently… I looked at my Life globally, universaly… Oh, how I loved Art Therapy with all my heart!!

During that time I also had a job I loved. I worked with the victims and eye-witnesses of 'bigger' crimes. I worked for the government, but that was not why I liked my job. I liked working with people who came to me. I was so thankful that those people trusted me the most secret stories of their lives – the sad stories, the pain, the loneliness, the silence… They've taught me so much about Life – what is really important, how to forgive, move on, stay strong… Sometimes I asked myself: 'Who am I to deserve this trust?' But my heart would always give me the same answer: 'You were born for that!'

However, something was missing in that great job. First, I couldn't really help the victims, I couldn't use Art Therapy to help them back to their inner balance and out of the silence and pain. Second, I didn't get much support or understanding from my bosses or colleagues. For them, the victims or the suspects were just statistics… It was painful to watch and be part of that environment.

But maybe that was just a reminder to get back to myself, to stop, to re-think about my life and listen to the whispers of my heart again. My heart said 'no more'! 'Do what you were born to do!' I knew what my heart was longing to do. I wanted to help the victims of crime and people in need with Art Therapy and Phototherapy techniques… I wanted to work with people who believed in me and I believed in them… I wanted to offer them the best of Me…

What to do?

I gathered my courage and jumped from my safe nest into the business world, all by myself, only me, my Self and my heart. Was I scared, was I unsure?? Yes, I was, but when I thought about the victims of crime, I said to myself: 'If they could do it, I can do it too. If they survived sexual abuse, rape, everyday beating, a robbery, a knife or a gun on their neck, the never-ending fear…, I can survive too.  I will follow my heart and its whispers and let myself go'…

When I create, I have those victims and people in need in my mind all the time. They inspire me, they guide me, they remind me to open my heart and spread Love.  My business is dedicated to teach people how to talk to each other, esp. children and people who were hurt, how to use creative process to learn to solve problems and heal ourselves, and to support people in need, esp. victims of crime. I'm not 100% doing everything what I really want as my business is young and our government is not very generous with the funds for social programmes, but I won't give up to walk towards my goal. It might take another 15 years to actually do what I want to do, but I now know the way and I know my direction. Even if I will loose my way, my heart will bring me back on the track. Now I know.

So, do what you Love to do and don't be affraid to fly – your heart will take you to the right place at the right time for sure! It might take you years, but you will always find yourself back at the place where you can do the things 'you were born for'. Everything in our lives has a reason and is inviting you to grow!

'As I began to love myself I stopped craving for a different life, and I could see that everything surrounded me was inviting me to grow.' (Charlie Chaplin)

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