Giving Thanks, Giving Gifts

Woohoo! December is here and the game 'Giving thanks and giving gifts' is back! (Check it out how it all started in the year 2009 and went on in the year 2010 too). 

Everyone can participate, so you are most welcome to play with us this year. We are here to learn from you, yes YOU!

The rules of the game are simple and gentle as there is no competition here, no fighting and everyone has the right to tell us his/her opinion. The game is all about creative, positive thinking, observing the World and all about noticing the things (or people) we should thank.

Here are the rules:

  1. answer the questions in every post in December. You can do it ANYtime in December, but you have to answer all by the end of the game (unless you just want to comment some of the questions and don't want to participate in the game).
  2. put the little button on your blog (or FB or...), {link it to this post} and let the others know about the game (so that the others can join us too and we will be able to hear other's voices too).
  3. follow this blog (if not already), so that I can follow yours and your news.
  4. put yourself (and your blog) in the list down here, so that we know you're in!
  5. be honest - as that's how we will gain as much from you as possible (that's what this game is all about).

Because in this game the winning is not important, I never tell about the gifts that you might get by participating. The gift we get in this game is not a material thing, but a growing heart and a happy soul - that's the biggest gift you can get. So, you might get a material gift at the end of the game or not. It will be a surprise (or not). More about that in one of the posts in the future, but I wanted to let you know that we want to 'win' your wise words.

So, are you ready?? Let's play! (First question will be here very soon!)

Enter you (and your blog) here.