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Neighbour - part 1


Last year I already told you (in this post) why I go there. On vacation.

So, now it's time, to tell you why and why I like it so much - in pictures and words.

You will find me there:

because of the gorgeous mountains and green valleys...

active vacation and fantastic views...

because of no concerns as you always find the right way or direction...

because of wide pastures and curious cows...

because of the natural beauties, which seem to be endless...

mountain lakes, in which you can see reflections of the mountains...

and because of the 'combed' flowers too...

The list of 'becauses' is too long for one post, so I split it into parts. I can't wait to share with you part 2!
In the meantime I would really like to know why you go to a particular place on vacation and why not to the other?

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