Today, I quite accidentally fell into the historic times ...

My intention was to find a wall color for our renovated bedroom.
But quite accidentally, I ended up in the old part of Škofja Loka with my bike, where they spinned back the time today.

They enjoyed the delicious food from the old days,

home-made Medicines from the old times

and (young and old) enjoyed in the old, elegant clothes.

And some have been busy in their working uniform - creating some crafty works.

On the market we could find some handicraft products, which (with their simple beauty) still radiate perfection - even today!

Good thing that my NikonPikon was accidentally with me too, so that I could 'note' some highlights of the event and can now show them to you (if you happened to miss the event - quite accidentally).

Such unexpected 'accidents' are what I really like - always :)! - How about you?

Posted on June 26, 2010 and filed under misc, photography, travel.