...I feel better than yesterday and even better than over the weekend... I've got sick with a virus and I had to spend the weekend in bed.
After a special diet, full of vitamins, minerals, time without books, computer, phone, talking, etc, etc, I'm back on my feet and will be able to attend the openning of the exhibition in castle Turjak (today at 7 p.m. - you could read about it on my website and FBpage). There you can play a detective and look for my art work (actually, there are 3 ;) ).

If you can't make it, then you can make yourself busy with creative work. How about painting the wooden frame?!

Of course you will find the instructions how to do that on the www Dom in Stil, when you click the link:

If you don't know what kind of colour of the frame to choose for a particular painting, you'll find some tips about that in the article as well.

That's about it for today. Tomorrow...
Hm, tomorrow I'll have to be in even better shape as I'll have workshops with kids in one of the libraries. Ooops, I guess you've read about that on my website already, right?

Stay healthy and 'on the go'!