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Earth of plenty

The last few months I was lucky enough to spend some time in Nature's lap. I could see how mother Earth took care of her child (- Nature) and made her feel good.


From time to time she washed her and showered her. For the holidays she dressed her into white. With the wind she helped the Nature to fix her hair. And with the singing birds she gently woke her up. When you are so close to this magnificant being, like in a womb of mother Earth, you don't have any words left. Quietly you listen to the beating of big heart, decanting of blood (the rivers and streams) through the blood vessels, surrendering to the rhythm which takes you away. The time flies, but you feel fulfilled and happy - in the world of abundance, the world of plenty.


I hope, the day, when I will be able to share this love to Earth with kids and you, is near. That we all get closer to Nature, to caress her with our creative hands and to whisper tender lullabies to her ear. The time in the womb, in silence, is almost over..., the birth is near by and hopefully there will be enough time for new experiments, explorations - with the camera or without it. Although, I must admit, the silence is so full of rich words..., that it is hard to leave this safe and fulfilling world.


The Earth of plenty is round and it never ends. It gives, gives, gives in so many different ways, that we would finally see, understand, take and give - like she does. I've never met such a creative, universal being as the Earth is. Therefore, dear Earth, all the best and let me touch you and feel you for many, many more years. Thank you!



Today we've painted on the white Winter's canvas with bright, happy colors!


We tricked her, pretending we're somebody else...


We played games and laughed...


We had a healthy Carnival lunch...


and then...


we let our spring wishes fly up in the sky!


I believe it's not the noise that drives away the Winter, but the colors! I hope you had a colorfuuuuul day, too!

Special: What is needed for creativity

Today, I am delighted to share another special story with you. It is written by Slovene blogger Saša - Lunaspi. I love her blog, because she has so many interesting things to do in her life, and she writes about that in a very special, humorous way. Her freshness always makes my days.

Here is her story:


"I'm not creative person. I have a friend who is very creative. He always does something creative. But I am not creative at all", says my little nephew with a serious face. He articulates the word creative with great importance. I hold in a laugh.

"But, when you get dressed in the morning, you surely choose which sweater to wear, and that is also creativity. You create with colors,"… am trying to encourage him.

The boy, who is sitting on the steps, looks at me: "You know exactly what I mean. I am not creative person."

So, I'm not compelling him to do something 'creative'. No drawing, painting, creating paper, clay or other things. Instead we play board games and nobody thinks about the word creative anymore. 

Months passed by. The boy goes to school.

"Do you know that your nephew drew the best drawing in the classroom?"

"How come?" I ask.

"We had to persuade him, but when he started, it all went well."

On his next visit, my nephew says he will draw a scorpion with a poisonous arrow on the tail for me.

"You can die if it stings you", he says. "Should I draw it?"

"Aaagh", I say theatrically, "can it at least be at the sunset, so that I can admire the horizon before I die?"

"Okey", he says and laughs.

He thinks a little bit and I hold back my breath. He takes brown colored pencil and draws a scorpion. He stresses out the sharp point on the tail of the scorpion, so that the paper hardly bares the pressure. I'm a bit worried how will he solve the situation with sunset, but the boy takes a yellow colored pencil and draws right next to the brown line, so that the poisonous animal glows in the sun.

"Here", he gives me the drawing.

"Ooooo, can I hang it on the wall? Will it sting me?" The boy shakes his head. When we're attaching the drawing on the wall, he starts to explain to me what else he'll draw for me and where's still some space on the wall for his drawings. And I am wondering where did that uncreative person disappear.

What stimulates and what blocks creativity? 

When I read what is needed for a human being to be creative, there is one word that impresses me: to dare. To be brave. To be brave to present your own ideas, your own style and your own way, even if you are a beginner, a little clumsy in your first steps.

This is just an ordinary courage, which run away from me the other day when I went into a shop with hats. From all the beautiful creations on wire stands, I chose an ordinary black cap, although I wanted a real hat!

Question #17:

How brave are you in expressing your creativity?

PS: The question is part of the game 'Giving thanks, giving gifts'. Join us! (You can find the rules in one of  the previous posts here and all the questions in all December posts). Rejoyce with us and have fun!

O-ho needs

Today I dedicate this post to a very sensitive subject - to our needs. I say sensitive because it's hard to really see the needs out of all our own projections and judgements; well, at least that's what's happening to me quite often and then I'm stuck in there.


People are people. But why some of them enjoy cotributing to other people, while the others enjoy hurting other people? I never understood those people who were always determent to put me into a bad mood. I never understood the violence that I've heard about from the victims of crime I've worked with... The answer/excuse: 'people are people' was not enough for me.

So, if you face the same challanges as well, I chose for you today a person who has researched that subject for a while. He believes that the real communication can be achieved by meeting everyone's needs. I only chose video no.1, but if you like it, you can watch more videos or even the workshops of non-violent communication he has done. I hope the tips for better communication can help you during the interaction with other people - at home, at work, anywhere...

Today I say thank you to all those people who are able to meet everyone's needs when communicating and therefore live in peace.

Question #6:

With whom or where would you like to have a better communication and would love to meet your needs with the needs of the others? (What are your recepies?)

PS: The question is part of the game 'Giving thanks, giving gifts'. Join us! (You can find the rules in one of  the previous posts here and all the questions in all December posts). Rejoyce with us and have fun!