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Natural style

This year I was inspired by nature, so my Christmas cards wear a natural look this time.

On some there's snow, and on the others you will find shiny stars...

You will soon be able to find them in our tiny shop.

And what kind of style you've chosen for your Christmas cards this year?

Sleeping Beauty

No, I was not lost in the old town, mentioned in my last post...

And I didn't fall asleep for tousand years like Sleeping Beauty...

I'm still here, I'm still alive.

Finally I can say we're back on the ground and in our home with floor & doors. Finally we feel at home... after all the workers packed their bags and left us alone. A good feeling indeed.

Now it's finally time for designing our living space. And time for my blog again, and for your blogs, of course, and... if I manage to put all my things from the boxes soon, it will be finally time for creative stuff.

(Sleeping beauty)

Happy creating, everyone!

Power of One

Have you ever wondered where's your place in this World? What can we really do among so many other people doing 'their' things?

I like to imagine that I am like one of the cells in my body... I do my job every day, I do the things that I feel I need to do, I do them the best I can. If I wander away from my direction, the World will get sick, just as we get sick when our cells stop functioning the way they supposed to...

So, I do believe every person on this planet is important. I count, you count, we count. I rely on you, you rely on me - in order to stay well and happy. I believe in the power of One.

Because of my belief, my next question is: 'What I can do to help others follow their direction?' I can't tell them where to go or what to do. They need to follow their own path, their own inner map. So, I help them in many different ways. As you know, I help some with art therapy and phototherapy techniques. I help the others with my little books and illustrations. This year I started to help with my images, my photos - transformed into greeting cards, they have a special mission to help people follow their paths. Find out how we do it in our Vision & Verb Shoppe, where you can find and buy our images and help too.

We are helping people via non-profit organization Kiva. They do a great job and I'm really happy to know that the power of one makes such a wonderful change in the World. We want every cell of our bodies to stay healthy, and we can gain this doing what we can at this moment, on this day and every day! 

Do you believe in the power of One? How do you help, how can we help and how do you like our idea of helping the others? Is it worth it?


It's all about perspective. Sometimes we look up, sometimes we look down.

Sometimes we look at something closer and don't see what's hiding behind. 

Sometimes we see a tempting beauty in front our nose and forget about the beauty inside.

And sometimes we loose ground under our feet and we roll (too quickly) from one perspective to another.

Sometimes people see me the way I am, sometimes they don't.

Sometimes I see people the way they are, sometimes not.

And sometimes a person surprises me so much, that he/she pushes me over a precipice, and I roll, roll and ask myself how something like that could happen. Then I'm lying down there for some time and am hoping that I'll be able to stand up some day. And then I have to climb again (and again). 

Some people don't understand that I don't want to climb to the top, actually. I just want to find a little corner, where I will feel safe, warm and with people who want the same. We would do what we know the best, no big fuss about that, no pushing and competing. Just us, just the way we are. 

And sometimes we would just want some peace.

Hm, have you found some peace lately?