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Our school was in the newspapers yesterday. We're getting famous! ;)

Now that the school-year is coming to the end, I'm looking back to our days with kids and all the good and bad times that we've had. 

The best thing about school and working with kids is: big, warm hugs, laughter, words like 'are you ok?' and the first question I get when I come to school 'what are we going to do today?' - it's not the knowledge and not the good grades; it's the warmth in our hearts that I cherish the most in this school.

What do you cherish the most at your work place?

Have a wonderful time during the summer holidays (if you have them)! I'll be creative and surrounded with creative kids, so I believe we will have fun! Are you joining us, too?

I can't wait

I can't wait to put myself back on my feet again and put my life into the hands of my river of life. I'm somewhere in between now, asking myself where, why and from where all those rocks came from. You can read more about it in my post at Vision & Verb blog. Any instructive comment is welcome. (I need some!)

No matter what's happening with me, our creative Lab is working at full speed. I can't wait that we will conjure up something new and open the doors for fresh, creative energy! I can't wait, that summer holidays will start, when it will be time to dip our creative fingers in a sack of creativity, from which we will pull out extra-ordinary, original ideas. Great fun! 

Registration for our summer creative workshops is open already! 

How about you - what are you looking forward to this summer?

It's true...

...that it is a beautiful spring and that there were times when I had time for sewing, but... not anymore.

Someone (not me!) has got this crazy idea to renovate the whole house! So, here we are, working on this big project day and night, before I go to work, after I go to work, no time for any free time, no time for breathing...

Would you believe me that I have fun?! My studio has moved into another room and is half way finished. I'm so excited! Many more rooms with big changes are on the go...

Tiring, but inspiring :) - It seems like I'm not just cleaning our house, but am cleaning my inner self too. It's a hard work, I guess.

So, this blog is a bit lonely these days... :(

Are you doing some spring cleaning as well? I hope you have fun, too!

Time flies

Today I'll start a journey... I will start a 2-months long course, to which I will dedicate my time, my heart and soul. Because of my other activities, my time will be limited, so for a while, there will be less talking here on this blog, but more pictures, yay!

I'm far better expressing myself with pictures rather than words, so this will be easier for me (to keep in touch) and exciting too! I hope you will find my post interesting and inspirational! Let me know!

See ya' - soon!