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#5: Above

Sometimes we're walking in the air and pretend everything's all right. Sometimes we can see the whole picture from above: the dreams, the scenes from our lives, the drama that we play on the stage... Sometimes we let ourselves to be those children who haven't had any limitations for their dreams.

Today, I'm thankful for all those people who dare to walk in the air, dare to be different, dare to take a distance from the stage of every day life.

I invite you to walk in the air and let yourself go with a flow, and then answer the next question, without any limits, without any doubts:

Question #5: What is your biggest dream (no limitations, please) at this moment?

And just a little reminder (if you don't read our Lab's news...) - dare to walk into Xmas village and join us in a magical world - at least for a day... Read all about it here.


Find the rules of the game 'Giving thanks, giving gifts 2011' here. Have a good day and thank you for sharing your thoughts! 

Invitation to...

... St.Nicola's market in the old part of town Kranj- tomorrow, on Saturday, December 3, 2011 from 4 pm until 8 pm. You will find Creatissimo there with new Xmas gifts made especially for you and people with the good taste.

I'm looking forward to see you there!

(a detail of one of a new who-knows-what Xmas gift ;)...)

Ready or not?

Life. Goes. On. I'm still here, alive and kicking. Actually, I'm very, very alive. I decided to do something about MYself. I decided to listen to MYself more. I decided to work on MYself before a new year starts in less than two months. After all, I am alive, right?!

A few things are on my mind lately. One of them is bugging me for quite some time. Actually it's on my mind since dearest Marcie from Marcie Scudder Photography sent me a link to a special video to check it out. The video is not a super great quality one, but I like the message it carries. Because of it, I started to think about the followers of my blog(s) and what can a single person begin if someone starts following him/her.

Since I moved my Eng blog to this place I tried to gain back all the 60 followers I've had at the 'old' blog. I also tried to invite followers from my Slovene blog to join me here, so that after some time I will be able to close Slovene blog there and just stay with this one. But not many people connected with me here. I'm not really sure why... Any clues??

After I saw the video, I decided to share it with you, too. It's a good invitation to follow me on this blog, plus, it is an invitation to ask me to follow you on your blog (if I'm not doing it already). It's a small step toward you that I would like to make if our thoughts and intentions are the same. Let me know! (Write the link in the comments below so that I can check it out and follow you). PS: I'm on G+, too, so you can connect with me there, too. 

This video reminds me of another special person who is doing a brilliant job too and is worth following for sure. Beth Nicholls from Do What You Love has started a mission a while ago to gather stories of people who do (or want to do) what they love - to inspire us and give us hope.

Today I am honored to be one of the many, sharing my story and inspire you. Everything is possible if you keep your dreams close to your heart and if you keep your eyes open! Please, join me there and share your thoughts with us. Thank you! And thank you, Beth, for doing such a wonderful job for all of us - we need that!


Am I ready or not, time is passing by. If you are ready or not, time is passing by. Use it wisely. I am trying focusing on something good and positive and inspiring... And yes, December will be here any time now, so soon, it will be time for another 'Giving thanks, giving gifts' game (find the game from 2010 here, and from 2009 here), this time it will be here, in our creative lab and a bit different again. A good reason to become a follower of this blog, right? ;)

Looking forward seeing you here more often and thank you for joining 'my movement'!

Small things, big things

Here we are. A new blog home is here, under the roof of our Lab. You can now find everything at one place – no more jumping from one place to another. Isn't that great? Although these changes might look small to you, but actually, for us, there are big. We're two years old after all, so it's time to grow and learn new things.

(our working area ;) )

Over the summer, I hope, this blog will get better and better, with posts that you will like and find them useful. We're working on it!

(clear skies soon – we hope!)

So, bare with us for a while and give us some feedback, what you like, what you miss, and we'll try to find the way to make your wishes come true! :)

Welcome to our new home!