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This World…

…is full of inspiration. This World is full of fun. This World is wonderful!

Many times I get inspired by the things and creatures around me. Many times I'm amazed by the creations of Nature. Many times I can't believe I'm a part of this wonderful World!

A new auction for the phototherapy project - an auction of my works is on the go and this time the theme of my works is dedicated to this amazing World!

Please, visit my CreatissimoLab FB Page to bid for the work you like and help us with the project. Also, you are invited to answer the question there, about what you'd like to read more on this blog. Thank you!

PS: If you don't have a FB profile and would like to participate (or have questions), e-mail me and I'll add your bid there for you. 


Various flowers

Aren't they interesting, all these flowers: of various shapes, sizes, colors, ages…? It's hard to find exactly the same flowers, and that's fascinates me and inspires me. So, where does it say that we have to compare with each other if we are not the same??

The flowers should be a great example to us… Aren't all lovely, special, interesting, different…??

Flowers on the trees:


Flowers in the pots:

Flowers over the water:

Flowers in the garden:

Flowers on the field:

Flowers in the woods:

And more and more…

And flowers in our house (these are for people like me who are allergic to flowers):

And painted flowers (you will find these and others in my CreatissimoLab e-shop

and you can buy as many as you want!)

It's hard to believe how many different flowers! ;)


Wake up!

This is how I would sum the events from the last and this week. As if I would, just like nature, enter the spring! ;)

These days my thoughts often escape to Japan, which has awakened me from the comfort and pleasures. On Friday, I joined a number of bloggers and spent the day in silence and dedicated it to that beautiful country. I also have a special bond with Japan as a very dear friend of mine lives there. Today, I finally heard from her. Luckily she is ok. I was relieved, even though I still feel the emptiness, because I can't comprehend how many people died, because of the earthquake and tsunami.
What will remain in the hearts of the survivors? Will they ever be healed?

Over the weekend, I was focused on Finland. As the first phototherapy project is on the go already, I'm often in the contact with my two mentors from Finland. Good thing is that Skype was invented, so we can communicate almost as if were together in the same room! :)
My mentors from Finland are great! Their commitment, support and time that they devote to me (yes, even on weekends), leave me breathless; but on the other hand, they are a wonderful example to me, to see what would I like to be. I grow and waking up with them! :)

Waking up every day in the mornings is a pleasure for me as I listen to the birds, that are singing outside in our garden. Their happy songs always bring me in a good mood!
I wonder if the little birds are affraid to take off and fly for the first time? Do they need a courage?
A few of us will talk about our courage that helps us to 'fly'. We will talk about that on the blog 'The Courage To Fly'. :)
In March and April you will read inspiring stories and thoughts of different creative authors. Join us - maybe you too will wake up and fly into the wide creativity!

(You will be able to read my story on April 18, 2011)

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These days, in me, emotions also woke up and bumbled their 'songs'. For them, I need (and want) to thank special people who supported me and saved me from some burdens :).
Thank you very much:
Andreja from Mavrična ustvarjalnica, who made sure that we now have enough cameras for the first project. Andreja, we use them already! :)
Vladka from Ustvarjalna skrinja and Martina from Chez Moi, who donated a precious gift - a piece of it looks like this:

It is already in childrens' hands! :)! Feelings can not be described!

And thank you to my dear friend from Estonia, who also put some effort in the project and helped me by supporting my idea. Thanks, Ande, you always know how to help! :)
This awakening is certainly the most beautiful one!

I hope you also are happily awake and that you are not grabbed by the spring's fatigue. Relax in the fresh colors of spring and creative inspiration! At our workshop with children we made flowers for Moms as they will have a special day on Friday. And how have you spent the day and how did you wake up?

Auctions of my works are still going on! Some Easter bunnies are waiting on Friday, when they will find out who will adopt them ;)! Please, join us if you can! If you will adopt a bunny, you will also get special 'words of wisdom' with the bunny, so why not surprise yourself with something beautiful and inspiring?
Direct link to the auctions on the FB page.
A post about the auctions on the blog with more explanations.

Auctions of my works for phototherapy project

Well I finally gathered some of my works, that I wish to scatter among you!

As Easter approaches, I chose to start with my naughty bunnies. Some are: curious, in love, unhappy, dreamy... Adopt the one that touches your heart the most! :)

And I will also have some spring art works and some for different tastes. Depending on the response...

Auction can be found at CreatissimoLab FB page. Anyone who does not have Facebook profile, and still wants to participate, can write their offer here in the comments and I will put his/her offer on FB for him/her. For any questions about the auctions, please contact me by e-mail.

I'm sure you know the rest:
Money from the auctions will go for the phototherapy project. You can read about the progress of the project on a special blog.

Here are the links to the auctions that I will add continuously:

Thanks in advance for your cooperation! All we involved in the project are sending you our Love!