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Work in progress – or the healing power of creativity

Surely you've heard of the healing power of creativity. Many studies have proved that. My field of work is mainly focused on art therapy and phototherapy, although sometimes the work also includes other forms of art, creative thinking. At the stage of getting to know the client I choose such tasks, which would show me which areas are best to work with a certain client.

Many mix up art therapy and phototherapy with therapeutic art expression and photography, which are healing as well, but in this case, we  'treat' ourselves, without a therapist or consultant. We try to heal our soul, the pain, or we put on our canvas the joy, enthusiasm, fascination. We do this ourselves.

(in progress…)


In distress, pain and worries, it's usually difficult for us to find the way out of our established, old, deep seated patterns, all by ourselves. Our artistic or other expressions are often only the temporary solution that helps us or put us in moments of comfort, but rarely help us out in a long-term - to change a pattern of behavior for good. We need a therapist, a consultant, a 'coach' who will work with us as long as we need to replace the old patterns with the new ones. And when we are free to go home, if the therapy was fruitful, we will not go back to the old pattern of our behaviour, but turn to a new pattern without any problems. This is true either you go to the fitness, are addicted to alcohol or drugs, at weight loss, learning, psychiatric problems, fractures of the legs, etc.. How long, you may ask, it takes (for one of the problems) to heal? Sometimes three months, six months, sometimes a year or two or three. Yes, you heard it right - in art therapy, the results of working on serious problems will usually show after a year or more!

I notice that, in Slovenia, we don't pay much attention to a long-term work with 'clients'. How many supervisors (those true supervisors, not those I've met and for which I don't know from where they've got the title 'supervisor') for teachers, educators, parents, staff in nursing homes, social workers, police officers… we have? All who work with people need them. They need professionals who will serve them for the support, stability, leadership... Sometimes we can find support among our colleagues, so with some kind of intervision, which is certainly better than nothing, but if we want good results, a supervision is recommended, as the counselor, therapist... comes from the external environment, and the problems can be viewed from outter perspective. However, nothing really helps, if we only have occasional meetings, only when they are needed and are not really organised.

(work in progress…)

Many supervisors use art in their work, especially with people who have difficulties to express themselves verbally. When we can't express our pain, blockages with words, we do it non-verbally. When art therapist monitors your process of expression, it is easier for him/her to determine what tasks will help you to progress or return your internal balance. Art therapists don't judge your art work and don't make diagnosing on the basis of your art work. Art therapist's task is to gently 'lead' you on your own path.

It is known that each person has within itself some sort of protective mechanism that prevents an internal change or cope with internal processes, unless we are mentally prepared. Therefore, in art therapy, nothing can happen, unless we're prepared mentally. However, the healing process in art therapy or any other therapy can be sometimes difficult and deep (depending on how deep you're willing to go).

Many would have thought that therapists, in the same manner as they are helping others, can help themselves, but it's not so easy. We need a therapist, supervisor when we find ourselves in the unsolvable situation...

These days I didn't have a supervisor or therapist at hand, with whom I would talk to about why I can't accept certain events as such, why can't I accept the fact that some people just do such and such things, etc., etc. So I did some therapeutic art (see the picture 'in progress' below). Just to lick the wound in my soul, though I know that I will have to work on my pattern of behavior that always pushes me in such and similar situations, will have to work with someone who will see out of my frames and opsticles. This solution to create art by myself is temporary, but the first on the list I will need to work with the specialist, supervisor.

(...a detail of my painting 'in progress')

Stephey from 'Marked by the Muse' reminded us to say thanks to Art.

With this post I want to say thanks for what we have: opportunity to express ourselves, to create (we have a choice of what we create), heal ourselves and others, hug ourselves, explore... We have Art that makes us rich in all areas of our lives and at each step of our life. Think about it: just where Art and Creativity are not present??

Therefore: thank you, the Art of Creating, for being here! Esp. thank you for being there for us in Art Therapy and PhotoTherapy – you are the key of creative process we work on…


Sometimes all it takes is a click and everything is different. There is no need to move mountains, swim across the Ocean, win the lottery or be the first at talent show. No need to know by heart at least five encyclopedias, survive cancer, test the drugs at least once, believe in miracles... Just a click and everything can be different.

(where, in which direction?)

Often we are so close to that kind and all sorts of clicks. We can only move with a finger, and it happens: an important click. With one click, you can change the direction of life events. Are we aware of this, are we aware of this power?

What will you click here and now that you'll achieve what you want?
Will you click a button on the phone and call a friend, someone you know?
Will you click on a switch and turn on the 'light' for someone?
Will you click on a ballpoint pen and write to someone to whom you didn't write for several years?

Just a click ...

(a picture from our phototherapy project: 'Self-portrait' – looking inside. Author: M.)

Just click, just click...

And speaking of clicks:

Only a click is required to choose one of my illustrations that one or more children will feel the difference.
Just a click here is needed to answer the question of what you want to hear the most on this blog.
But sometimes all it takes is a click in our 'minds' in order to deepen our life paths...

Click, before it's too late!

This World…

…is full of inspiration. This World is full of fun. This World is wonderful!

Many times I get inspired by the things and creatures around me. Many times I'm amazed by the creations of Nature. Many times I can't believe I'm a part of this wonderful World!

A new auction for the phototherapy project - an auction of my works is on the go and this time the theme of my works is dedicated to this amazing World!

Please, visit my CreatissimoLab FB Page to bid for the work you like and help us with the project. Also, you are invited to answer the question there, about what you'd like to read more on this blog. Thank you!

PS: If you don't have a FB profile and would like to participate (or have questions), e-mail me and I'll add your bid there for you. 


Do what you Love – Love what you do

 'Today, I only do what brings me joy and happiness, things I love to do and that make my heart cheer, and I do them in my own way and in my own rhythm…' (Charlie Chaplin)

What do you do in your Life, with your Life? Do you do what brings you joy and hapiness? Do you listen to your heart and dreams?

Years ago, when I was staying in America, it was my first time when I heard about Art Therapy. 'Hm', I said, 'that sounds interesting! Hm, that's something I would love to do!' But, I was young and oh-not-so-ready to study Jung, Freud and who-knows-who in English… I thought I had all my life ahead of me… and off I went back home and forgot all about that (but never forgot it deep in my heart).

15 years later, my life and my heart brought me back to Art Therapy again. This time I listened, this time I was ready. Luckily, I didn't have to study it in English or abroad as I signed for the post-graduate programme at our University in Ljubljana. And the studying has changed my Life. I would see people differently, I would listen to them differently, I would do things differently… I looked at my Life globally, universaly… Oh, how I loved Art Therapy with all my heart!!

During that time I also had a job I loved. I worked with the victims and eye-witnesses of 'bigger' crimes. I worked for the government, but that was not why I liked my job. I liked working with people who came to me. I was so thankful that those people trusted me the most secret stories of their lives – the sad stories, the pain, the loneliness, the silence… They've taught me so much about Life – what is really important, how to forgive, move on, stay strong… Sometimes I asked myself: 'Who am I to deserve this trust?' But my heart would always give me the same answer: 'You were born for that!'

However, something was missing in that great job. First, I couldn't really help the victims, I couldn't use Art Therapy to help them back to their inner balance and out of the silence and pain. Second, I didn't get much support or understanding from my bosses or colleagues. For them, the victims or the suspects were just statistics… It was painful to watch and be part of that environment.

But maybe that was just a reminder to get back to myself, to stop, to re-think about my life and listen to the whispers of my heart again. My heart said 'no more'! 'Do what you were born to do!' I knew what my heart was longing to do. I wanted to help the victims of crime and people in need with Art Therapy and Phototherapy techniques… I wanted to work with people who believed in me and I believed in them… I wanted to offer them the best of Me…

What to do?

I gathered my courage and jumped from my safe nest into the business world, all by myself, only me, my Self and my heart. Was I scared, was I unsure?? Yes, I was, but when I thought about the victims of crime, I said to myself: 'If they could do it, I can do it too. If they survived sexual abuse, rape, everyday beating, a robbery, a knife or a gun on their neck, the never-ending fear…, I can survive too.  I will follow my heart and its whispers and let myself go'…

When I create, I have those victims and people in need in my mind all the time. They inspire me, they guide me, they remind me to open my heart and spread Love.  My business is dedicated to teach people how to talk to each other, esp. children and people who were hurt, how to use creative process to learn to solve problems and heal ourselves, and to support people in need, esp. victims of crime. I'm not 100% doing everything what I really want as my business is young and our government is not very generous with the funds for social programmes, but I won't give up to walk towards my goal. It might take another 15 years to actually do what I want to do, but I now know the way and I know my direction. Even if I will loose my way, my heart will bring me back on the track. Now I know.

So, do what you Love to do and don't be affraid to fly – your heart will take you to the right place at the right time for sure! It might take you years, but you will always find yourself back at the place where you can do the things 'you were born for'. Everything in our lives has a reason and is inviting you to grow!

'As I began to love myself I stopped craving for a different life, and I could see that everything surrounded me was inviting me to grow.' (Charlie Chaplin)

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