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With words

Sometimes I get the feeling that we use words just like that, from wherever they come from. Whatever comes out of our mouth is good enough. No saying sorry, no thinking about the words and their effects on other people; whatever we say, the listener has to accept it. Lately I find that this method became a chronical disease. 

Giving thanks, giving gifts No.4: With words

Let's dedicate our time to words. Think, when we will say something and what. Words are energy. It should be positive, supportive, kind. Let the energy spread with joy, care and gentleness.

Find the words in books that inspire you and learn new words. Speak like you would read love poetry, play with the dictionary, thesaurus. Let the words become a part of you, a part of your personality.

Words and the way they sound tell the others who you really are. Do you recognize yourself in your words? What do you want to tell to the World??

Let December be a month of practicing kind words, which will echo in other people's hearts forever!


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I don't know about you, but I get so focused on the harvest I want to reap, that I forget everything else.

#2 of Giving thanks, giving gifts: Seeds

Choose the soil, choose the healthy seeds, choose the weather, the moisture, the warmth. Focus on what and how will you plant, do everything what you need to do to make sure that something (what you want) will grow out of these seeds. Take care of them, love them, observe them. Water them when they need water, protect them from weeds and pests. Focus on your seeds...

I have to remind myself quite often to not get destructed by the thoughts of harvest of the day. I push away the time for the seeds... and then... if I'm not careful, they die from neglecting. Does it happen to you too? Do you have some wise words to share that keep you focused? 

So, today I'd like to wish you: enjoy growing seeds and focus less on the harvest! Have a wonderful month!


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Giving thanks, giving gifts 2014

Yes, it is back this year as well - the time in December that is especially precious to me. Time, dedicated to saying thanks and giving gifts. Time, when I look back into the year 2014, from which I've got new knowledge, new discoveries, new questions and answers. I am thankful for these gifts, which can not compete with all the St.Nikolas's-Santa Clause's-Father Cold's-New Year's gorgeous gifts, which are (compared with them) just a dot on a letter i. These gifts are gifts for ever, they will stay with me forever, from the day I've received them.

As always I invite you to join in and add your thoughts, comments, opinions and ideas, so that we all gain from this time as much as we can. And you’re welcome to invite others too!

This year my ‘Giving thanks, giving gifts’ is going to be a bit different from the previous years (2013, 2011, 2010, 2009), but I hope, that it is still going to be interesting and inspiring to you… My posts are going to be dedicated to the wise words that some known and less known people have said, and which helped me when I was down. Yes, there are days, when we doubt, worry, feel sad, feel pain or feel desperate… - and then, a word can help, or a hug, smile, music… What usually helps me are the words and actions that cross my path at the right time, at the right place. I’ll share some of these words with you this year.

#1: Everything is connected:

we all want similar things, we all need somebody or something that we can survive, everything is connected to everything else. Isn’t it great that someone grows food for me while I am busy with other things? Isn’t it great that I can talk to someone when I need advice? Garbage men, workers who produced my car, a dentist, neighbor’s cat, flowers and bees from which we get sweet honey... The list is endless. Everyone that we meet, has to be there because of us, everything that we go through, has to be as it is, so that the string of connection doesn’t break. It is not always to accept this, but I’m learning to see. I wish the same to you, because I believe it is easier to live our lives when we understand this, isn’t it so? What do you think?

And yes, we all want to be happy, every year, every December, no matter where we live. Isn’t it true? When you will be thinking about this, let me inspire you with this gorgeous simple video, which will remind you that we are all one…        

(video by: Matt Harding)


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I love books! More and more I'm interested in the old ones - there's something about that yellowish paper and oldish scent that makes me forget about reality and makes me jump into the world of magic and imagination... always, even now, when I'm older...


But that's not all. I have another book-related obsession: words. I split them, create new ones, play with them, look for their source, write them down if I really like them... One of these words is: 'serendipity'. Every time I see it or say it, I see sparkles all around me like in a fairytale. I feel freedom, I feel like I could do everything, I feel light and excited. I feel like I could fly! 

So today, I am thankful for the books, the paper ones, because they entice me again and again with their inviting scent right into the magical world of imagination. And thanks for all the beautiful, fascinating words that make my life rich and interesting. And may I dedicate this post to a little girl Oja, whose wonderful vocabulary made my last year's school days super special. I miss them! 

Question #4:

Do you have a special, 'your' word as well? What makes it special?

PS: The question is part of the game ?Giving thanks, giving gifts'. Join us! (You can find the rules in one of  the previous posts here and all the questions in all December posts). Rejoyce with us and have fun!