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That's how I think I look inside... sometimes. ..


Reflections of the reflections of the reflections... And a brand new composition, a brand new image in my head.  

Can you guess how many reflections are here on this image? (It was created with one click only). 

Everything different

When a person, whom you didn't see for a long time, tells you that she will visit your country, you know exactly what to do. You reschedule your daily duties, grab your camera and count the minutes until the hour of the meeting.

Although we walked with Daša the paths I know, it was different. Different looks and different feelings...

Different motives, different steps. Different talks, different ideas. Different questions, different curiosity...

Everything old looks new. All boring and grey looks alive, but calm. Everything unimportant looks important...

The meeting was too short, the things to do and see too little, the words to say too small. Daša, next time we need to find more time, maybe even some time for creative stuff - wouldn't that be great?! :)

And how are you, dear readers? Do you have time for some meetings, some vagabonding, and do you fight the dreadful dragons on your way with those who support you?? 

I hope you have beautiful and nice days, esp. with people, for which is worth taking some time!

PS: And if you don't find anyone, I'm still here :)!