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Treasure hunt

Yes, that's how I call it when I'm on the move. Just me, curiosity and my camera.

The 'Beauty is where you find it' photo project theme of month May was: 'On the move'. An easy one, as I always feel 'on the move' when I'm on the way to unknown or known places with my camera. My camera makes me move!

And it always feels like I'm on a treasure hunt - not really sure what will I find, but it's always something precious, something to fill my heart with.

The colors of newly discovered jewel made me go click-click-click. So pure, so calm, so special! Walking around the lake was like a meditation, observing the colors was like watching the best movie ever, listening to the songs of various birds was like listening to the best concert in my entire life! Only Nature can be such a brilliant creator! Only Nature is full of surprises!

So, go, move, hunt for your big or small treasures! Focus on what makes you happy, inspired, eager to learn more. There's a treasure for everyone out there!

PS: Need more inspiration to make you 'move'? Check out what makes other people move here.  

Almost B/W

I love black and white images, but I still can't resist to leave some color on them.  

 (at the edge of the World)

 (at the edge of the World)

PS: Not much to say these days, but far more to see.

(ready to slide down?)

(ready to slide down?)

Enjoy the images from Austria. I hope they will inspire you...

 (different textures)

 (different textures)


(glowing black)

(glowing black)

Monet & Giverny

No wonder Claude Monet created so many beautiful paintings. Look what kind of 'paintings' my camera discovered in Monet's gardens in Giverny. Join me on a short walk...

The light among flowers and the games they play together call for creating impressionistic paintings.

Impressions, inspirations...

Beautiful scents that you can't see...

Red dots, green dots, pink dots...

Water, water lillies and Japanese bridge. A quiet peace...

But the gardens wouldn't look so nice if there were no helping hands among plants all year round.

And what to do with these lines?

Hmm, it's time to paint! Let's go!


I was at border-line. Well, luckily I was not at the 'border-line' of my nerves ;), but at the border-line from a map. It was wonderful, relaxing - it's really good to change the environment from time to time... And doing so, we sometimes have to cross our own 'borders' and sometimes not.

What is a border-line anyway? I was there, but I didn't see it. What I saw were blurred pictures in the water only. 

Someone once said: 'Borders are only in people's heads'. Sometimes they are clear, sometimes, blurred. Sometimes real, sometimes imaginary. Sometimes standing up, sometimes turned upside down. Sometimes they are high, sometimes low.  

Month April was a month of testing my own boundaries. That's why I decided to choose this picture for Photo-Heart Connection, which symbolises the trail, left from testing the limitations. Things, standing up and things turned upside down, obstacles on the way, time flowing away, but some first signs of spring too...

Yes, it's true, I was at border-line.

And how long were your border-lines these days?