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I wish you were there...

...with me...

where you could hear the pebbles sing...

where you could caress the Ocean and walk out of a view...

and where you could take 1001 pictures and never have got bored of the beautiful views.

That's how I'll remember month July - being there, thinking of you and wishing you were there...

The first image in this post reminds me the most of that atmosphere there, so I chose it for the Photo-Heart connection project for July.

Can you imagine us there?

Touch of the sky

I was at the end of the 'World'. There, where the ocean touches the sky. There, where the day seems longer. And there, where the clouds walk through the sky in layers. 

Wind blew away tossed thoughts, the air was fresh and crystal clear, the sight was full of broad fields and ancient history.

The time off was too short, but long enough to catch some interesting new ideas and long enough that my camera made me busy.

Images are.

I hope you had some time off too and I hope you could walk away from a daily routine for a while. Maybe you could feel the touch of the sky too.

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One of the reasons I like Austria so much is because I always feel welcome there.

No matter where you go, there is something waiting for you. A little attention, a sign that tells you they know you're there and invite you 'please, do feel comfortable in our country'. You will find cups waiting for you to refresh yourself after long hiking. Fresh water or drinks are there if you don't have anything with you. Of course you should pay for the drinks (water is free), but it's all there left for you, even when nobody is at home!

They trust you that you will be honest, pay for your drink and enjoy the visit as much as you can.

And yes, you feel fine. Not because of the fresh drinks or water, not only because of the great views, but because someone who doesn't know you, trusts you anyway. Someone is believing in you, your honesty, your respect, your 'positive you'. And that's why you really feel welcome, even if you were not able to talk to anyone yet... 

Because of that feeling you can really relax, enjoy in the moment and let yourself flow with the nature and view.

In Austria, I learned about trusting people. Is there something you've learned on your vacation?

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... might change.

Just when you think you have a perfect plan, something gets on your way and you have to make a change or...

This mountain was my dream summer destination last year. Isn't it beautiful?

That's how it looked the first day of my vacation:

I just love, love, love Austria and scenes like this:

But life would be too perfect if everything went according to our dreams, right? ;) The next morning our mighty mountain surprised us with this: 

Yes, snow in the middle of July! Here is the proof:

So, what do you do when your plans change? Do you run away, do you find something else or you say: ok, lets deal with it?

I decided to jump into the middle of the change! I went up there:

and enjoyed a 2740 m high view and 20 cm deep snow.

And I was not dissapointed... even though my Julys were usually spent at the seaside or lakes and in a T-shirt :)

But Austria is surprising in many ways, so stay tuned to learn more! (And don't forget to check what are your reactions on changed plans).

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Climbing is always rewarding.

First you start your journey from a soft, safe place, protected by a fence.

Then, challenges get bigger - more climbing to do, more rocks on the way...

You have to cross high and long bridges across wild waters.

But there's always something good waiting for you there, too, to make your path a bit easier.

After a long, difficult and sometimes scary climbing, right there on the top (when you almost gave up), something beautiful is waiting for you.

It is magical, it makes you feel free and happy, and you are proud of yourself that you didn't give up.

Keep on climbing, my friends! Many paths are waiting for you every day!



These are my pictures from Austria. As you can see, this is my dream destination, because not only I enjoy my days there, I'm also learning from it for life, and that's why it holds a special place in my heart... The fascinating cable bridge is 46 m long and 35 m high above a deep gorge.  

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