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Off the road

Sometimes the best moments in life are found off the road...

So, let's take a road map in our hands, sit in the car and explore.
There are hidden treasures of your land everywhere. You just need to open your eyes, be open for new perspectives and make some space for new impressions. 

Your land is your land (literally) or your body... Allow yourself to start a new journey into unknown; it can be just for a day or two. It's worth it!


Today we've painted on the white Winter's canvas with bright, happy colors!


We tricked her, pretending we're somebody else...


We played games and laughed...


We had a healthy Carnival lunch...


and then...


we let our spring wishes fly up in the sky!


I believe it's not the noise that drives away the Winter, but the colors! I hope you had a colorfuuuuul day, too!

It's true...

...that it is a beautiful spring and that there were times when I had time for sewing, but... not anymore.

Someone (not me!) has got this crazy idea to renovate the whole house! So, here we are, working on this big project day and night, before I go to work, after I go to work, no time for any free time, no time for breathing...

Would you believe me that I have fun?! My studio has moved into another room and is half way finished. I'm so excited! Many more rooms with big changes are on the go...

Tiring, but inspiring :) - It seems like I'm not just cleaning our house, but am cleaning my inner self too. It's a hard work, I guess.

So, this blog is a bit lonely these days... :(

Are you doing some spring cleaning as well? I hope you have fun, too!