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Do you ever look at the sky – what do you think then? What means the sky to you? Does the sky inspire you or are you afraid of its greatness?


Giving thanks, giving gifts No.5: unlimited sky.

What if the sky is you? What kind of feelings would you get? And what kind of weather would cross under you? Drama clouds soak us into their stories very quickly, they scare us, make us worried. We should understand more often that we are not the weather – we are unlimited, perfect 'sky'. Weather comes and goes. It doesn't stay long. But the sky stays the same, untouched, as blue as it was.

I wish that you would be aware of your boundlessness and untouchability of your essence. Let the weather and its drama not confuse your awareness of who you really are.     


PS: you can freely share my gifts (photos in my December posts) further. If you can’t save them from this website, you can save/share them via my FB page: CreatissimoLab FB page. I’m looking forward to celebrate this time with you!