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What do you say about the rules? Do you follow them or do you think they are there to make our lives miserable?

I usually find rules useful - to make my life safer without too many worries for every single thing.

But, this is me. On the other hand, many times I find people who love to break the rules. I wonder why...

And because of these people, we have to have extra people to help them follow the rules.

Why? Because the rules are there to make you safe and happy - if you look at them from a wide point of view.

(Can you see how the high tide pushes back the river? - right on a spot where 20 minutes ago there was no water at all?!)

So, if you don't follow the rules... just don't be surprised when there comes the time when rocks start falling on your head...


PS: This post is dedicated to someone who broke the rules and made our lives miserable for 6 months. Because of him we don't have floor and doors, and we live in dust and between the boxes, filled with our stuff... And this post is dedicated to the children in our school with a hope that they will understand why it is good for them to follow the rules...

I hope my life will get back to normal soon, esp. back to creative stuff as well. Wish me luck!

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It's all about perspective. Sometimes we look up, sometimes we look down.

Sometimes we look at something closer and don't see what's hiding behind. 

Sometimes we see a tempting beauty in front our nose and forget about the beauty inside.

And sometimes we loose ground under our feet and we roll (too quickly) from one perspective to another.

Sometimes people see me the way I am, sometimes they don't.

Sometimes I see people the way they are, sometimes not.

And sometimes a person surprises me so much, that he/she pushes me over a precipice, and I roll, roll and ask myself how something like that could happen. Then I'm lying down there for some time and am hoping that I'll be able to stand up some day. And then I have to climb again (and again). 

Some people don't understand that I don't want to climb to the top, actually. I just want to find a little corner, where I will feel safe, warm and with people who want the same. We would do what we know the best, no big fuss about that, no pushing and competing. Just us, just the way we are. 

And sometimes we would just want some peace.

Hm, have you found some peace lately?


Like I said... one of the important activities on my vacation is: cycling. Austria is super great for that. You will find signs everywhere, some marvellous cycling roads, maps to find the roads,... 'you-name-it'.

I absolutely love it there! I feel like a child, enjoying the wind in my hair...

Sometimes I take my bike with me, but sometimes I rent a bike there. You can find mountain bikes, city bikes, trekking bikes, big or small bikes, solar bikes... to rent.

Yes, I like cycling. And I like cyclists too. They inspire me, and I have hard times not taking pictures of them. Today, I'm sharing one of those pictures with you. It's my contribution to Luzia Pimpinella photo of the week theme: 'two'.

Yeap: two people, two bikes, two dogs, two cyclists at the back! Ok, but only one map ;). Enjoy the wheels and keep going! See you soon!