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Against it? Really?

Think again!

Life is the best school we’ve got to go to, I think. Lessons we learn are there for us exactly when we’re ready to deal with their message. Even when we sometimes think we can’t handle them, we always survive, right?


Mother Teresa once said (something like): 'I’m not against the war. I’m for peace.' At first they were just simple words for me, but later I thought I’d put more focus on those words and tried to understand why she chose to say them the way she did.

It’s all about energy, I believe. In whatever you put your energy, you will get a result. Actions are energy, words are energy, thoughts are energy. And if the energy is really strong, it becomes passion.
And now, think about what you’re passionate about. Are you for something or against something?
I stopped investing my energy into things I was against, when I saw my colleague passionately and with flame fighting a man whom he really hated. Criticizing him, proving what the man did wrong, focusing on the life of that man he didn’t like… in such a passionate way, that I thought he will explode (or get a heart-attack). And then I noticed that his passion against that man was as strong as of all those people who were for that man, believing he did everything right. They were on the opposite sides, but the power of their energies was the same. That’s when I started to understand Mother Teresa’s wise words and chose to put my energy into the things I wanted.

Of course, I still don’t want war, but I don’t give her power (energy) to help 'her' keep alive. Instead, I put doubled energy into actions, people and things that spread and grow peace, harmony.
You might still argue with me about this; but if you’re honest and you’re willing to evaluate one of your days, a single ordinary day of your life and answer this question: 'How much time and energy you invest in things you (would) like to see more in your life, and how much you invest into the things you are against?' Honestly? Now you probably understand what I want to say with this post. If you’re tired, empty, angry, upset, bored…, then you know where your energy went. Probably into fighting all the things you don’t want in your life. Think about it!


So, at the beginning of a new school year, I’d like to say to all the teachers and to all kids and their parents: stop fighting these silly battles 'against something', and rather focus on what you want to see (more of). Make a vision board if you’re visual, choose books that inspire you with positive (re)actions, find those potentials in people in which you want to invest your energy in. Live life and focus your energy into everything you want to see more of, in the classroom, too!

Imagine what seven billion humans could accomplish if we all loved and respected each other. Imagine. (A.D.Williams – Inside the Divine Pattern)

Utopia? Really? Think again!

And let this be the best school year for you ever! All the best from our creative Lab!   


Our school was in the newspapers yesterday. We're getting famous! ;)

Now that the school-year is coming to the end, I'm looking back to our days with kids and all the good and bad times that we've had. 

The best thing about school and working with kids is: big, warm hugs, laughter, words like 'are you ok?' and the first question I get when I come to school 'what are we going to do today?' - it's not the knowledge and not the good grades; it's the warmth in our hearts that I cherish the most in this school.

What do you cherish the most at your work place?

Have a wonderful time during the summer holidays (if you have them)! I'll be creative and surrounded with creative kids, so I believe we will have fun! Are you joining us, too?

#1: A Good Day

Welcome to our game of giving thanks. Please, join us if you can. I hope you will share your 'world' and your thoughts with us. You are unique, you are special, you are you! We want you, we need you!! Please, join us and be you! (Find the rules of the game here.)

How are you today?

For me, today is a good day. It was given to me, I know. I am thankful for it. It was exciting, it was fulfilling, it was a day with lots of wide open eyes. And there was a moment I've never seen before. There was a little person in white, touching a tiny thing with such a care, love and concentration that I forgot about the time, about the world. There was something about her moves that made me think: 'yes, it really is a good day today'. 

When you will watch this video, you will know what I'm talking about. There's a lot of wisdom hidden in this video, and when you will start a new day as a good day, you will fully understand why this video is so precious...

So, today I'm thankful for all the people who remind us of our path. Who leave signs on the paths, but give us all the freedom of choosing our own path. Today I'm thankful for the people who notice good, spread good and teach good. Today I am thankful for all the people who read our maps and leave their signs on the right places. Thank you!


Question #1:

What did you notice today that you've never noticed before and it made you say: 'Yes, indeed, it really IS a good day'?

Back to School: Cleaning paint-brushes

We're back... - to school. This time we will show you how we take care of our paint-brushes with kids.

We tell them they should not leave the paint-brushes in the water, because the brushes' hair will change shape:

cleaning paintbrushes 1 creatissimo lab.jpg

They should put them out and leave them on a cloth:

cleaning paintbrushes 2 creatissimo lab.jpg

[It is a bit different for acrylic paint, but since we usually don't use acrylic paint with kids, we teach them this way (for working with watercolors or tempera paint).]

Every time we change the color or want to clean the brush, we dip the brush into the water and push it hard to the bottom of the cup:

cleaning paintbrushes 3 creatissimo lab.jpg

Then we wipe the paintbrush on the cloth (if there's too much water on it):

cleaning paintbrushes 4 creatissimo lab.jpg

When we're done with painting, we usually clean our paint-brushes with a soap:

cleaning paintbrushes 5 creatissimo lab.jpg

And then we wash them under running water:

cleaning paintbrushes 6 creatissimo lab.jpg

That's why it's very important to use quality paint-brushes, so that they 'survive' all the painting and the cleaning process and serve us well.

We hope you find this information useful, so now you're all ready to have fun with the paint and with your kids :)! Enjoy!