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Who we are

We said goodbye to winter and now it's time to start a new journey, it's time to grow. New adventures are waiting for us, new opportunities to bloom. Which pathway will you choose? Where will you go?

Climbing the mountains is one way of doing it. But it depends how we do it or why. Some do it to be on the top and enjoy the wonderful views. Some want to feel every muscle of their body and sweat all the poison out. Some want to be higher than everyone else. Some people want to escape from everyday life for a few hours. The others want to be closer to heaven.

But at the end we are who we are. On the mountain, under the sea, in our bedroom, at work, on vacation... - the luggage we carry with us all the time is 'us'. The bags can be heavy or light - whatever we choose to take on our journey.

This winter I learned to simplify my life and leave most of my bags at home. It was not easy as I like a comfortable life, but some wise words from the people I admire helped. Today I'm sharing one of them - my favourite, inspiring and beautiful talks that might help you change the way you see yourself and the others.

And now ask yourself who you are, what are you thinking about - about you, the others, the world. What kind of 'bags' do you carry with you and do you really need them?

It's spring. Nature is waking up, everything is alive and fresh and ready to grow. I think it's time we grow, too.

I'm looking forward to see you bloom!


Everyone is someone. Everyone lives their own story; everyone walks through life as a student in his own school. What do you think about others? Colleagues, unknown people, co-workers, good friends, relatives, faces on tv? Everyone is someone.

Giving thanks, giving gifts No. 6: everyone.

I see people around me as my teachers. They can always teach me something for my life, no matter if they are kids with whom I work with, their parents, people I know or not. Especially kids teach me a lot about values, dreams, big goals, patience, curiosity, openness, trust; and more and more. In the world of adults there's a lot covered by veil of fear from vulnerability. We protect ourselves from the others so that we lock ourselves in our own cage and limit ourselves to discover new world.  

Therefore my wish for you today is, that the holiday season brings back to you your trust into the others, and the understanding that we can learn new from everyone, even our enemies.


PS: you can freely share my gifts (photos in my December posts) further. If you can’t save them from this website, you can save/share them via my FB page: CreatissimoLab FB page. I’m looking forward to celebrate this time with you!

Holy cow!

Every person has a different path in their life. Some people choose a city life where everything 'grows' in grocery stores, while some people choose a life in nature where things grow by themselves or on people's well cared gardens.


I find people's decisions where they are going to live their lives quite fascinating. There are always stories behind them, sometimes well planned, sometimes very spontaneous.


This year I learned something new from the people who dedicated their life to the cows. They know how important the cows are for their survival and they treat them adequately.

For them, a cow is a holy cow. There is an invisible bond among them - you feel it, but don't see it. It was something holy in the air when those cows came from the mountains and passed us by. Bells ringing, flowers and holy pictures on cows' heads... Inner peace was all around us. And respect.

Today I'm thankful for this new lesson how important it is to respect everything and everyone, and give them all the respect they deserve.  


Question #10:

Is there an animal that is holy to you - teaching you something about life?


PS: The question is part of the game 'Giving thanks, giving gifts'. Join us! (You can find the rules in one of  the previous posts here and all the questions in all December posts). Rejoyce with us and have fun!