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Sleeping Beauty

No, I was not lost in the old town, mentioned in my last post...

And I didn't fall asleep for tousand years like Sleeping Beauty...

I'm still here, I'm still alive.

Finally I can say we're back on the ground and in our home with floor & doors. Finally we feel at home... after all the workers packed their bags and left us alone. A good feeling indeed.

Now it's finally time for designing our living space. And time for my blog again, and for your blogs, of course, and... if I manage to put all my things from the boxes soon, it will be finally time for creative stuff.

(Sleeping beauty)

Happy creating, everyone!

Red thread

Red thread of my trip to France were threads ;).

Lots of them... In different shapes and forms...

On clothes...

Among small details...

This year I was fascinated by the Slovene lace-makers. Wonderful idea - these flowers! Don't you think so?

We could also see some more lovely ideas there.

My favorite were apples. This one was really cute... 

This is a little inspiration for you today... What would you create?


A special gift for a special person on a special day.

With the kids in school we created libellula(s) (= Spanish word) for our Moms for Mother's Day.

Children have learned about dragonflies at Spanish lessons, so I thought it'd be a good idea to create something special for Moms and practice Spanish at the same time.

That's why and how libellula(s) were born. Aren't they lovely? 

I hope your Mother's Day was special too. 

Spring is...! I've waited and waited to see if it is really, really here. Now I'm sure. 

She has wings, fancy shoes, modern look and gracious movement. It has all the pretty flowers with her and she scatters beautiful scents in the air. Little singing birds are there with her too. 


This painting took me ages to be finished. I'm still not very happy about it, but I had to stop before I would bring it into the wrong direction... I'm still exploring how to simplify things, like the face and other things. I like to put on my paintings lots of information (so that the viewer has to stop and spend some time exploring all the details), but on the other hand, I want that many info don't make a mess and chaos. They have to be simple, powerful and gentle...

Here are some details... 

And yes, there's a little bird 'hidden' there somewhere... 

...and yes, I did sew on this painting too. 

How does your spring look like?