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The magic of one thing

Sometimes your friends surprise you with a visit, but you feel guilty and embarrassed, because you don't have anything to offer them... Why don't you try something unique, creative and fun, something that your friends will remember for good...


With some imagination, love, creativity... and with lots of hands of your friends you can create miracles! All you need is just one 'special' thing with which you can 'play'.

Here you can see what you can do with only one instrument, but the list of 'special' things can be endless! A ball, shoes, chalk, a rock, a string, etc., etc. Get inspired by these creative people!

My favorite thing to share with friends is (of course) paint. I like to paint side by side with my friends, I love our creative atmosphere, laughter, cheerfulness. I wish we would do it more!

Question #11:

What one thing would you like to share or play with (and you're thankful for it) with your friends?

PS: The question is part of the game 'Giving thanks, giving gifts'. Join us! (You can find the rules in one of  the previous posts here and all the questions in all December posts). Rejoyce with us and have fun!

Where am I going to?

A question on my mind lately. Many reasons are here to ask this question over and over again. There are always people involved, people who don't know me very well (or they think they know me, but they don't). They see me through their own sunglasses, never willing to take them off and trying to see me with their eyes. 

When I'm in that kind of situations, a song comes on my mind. It is a special song, because I sang it at my singing lessons with my voice teacher (student of Judy Garland), who thought I sang like an angel :). His enthusiasm and support was a contrast to the words I've usually heard about me and my singing. Most people would put me down, saying I don't sing very well, etc. I never even wanted to become a singing super star; I did that to be able to sing to the children in school or just for fun. But I've never had fun until I started to work with that voice teacher in The States. We found songs that inspired us, comforted us, lifted us up. One of the songs was the one below. When I'm down, it always comes on my mind. If you listen to its lyrics, you'll see why this song lifts me up.   

Some inserts:

'You'll get by, you always have before'...
'Call in three months time and I'll be fine, I know,
Well maybe not that fine, but I'll survive anyhow'...

'Don't ask anymore'... 

Anyway, because of my voice teacher who believed in me, I ended up singing in Boston Music Hall and enjoyed singing like I've never before. 

So, don't listen to the people who don't see YOU and who are just stopping you from following your path.

If they don't take time to know you better and are not open for you the way you are, then you need to sing a song and get back on your own tracks. Only you know where to go and where your heart feels at home.

Follow your heart and enjoy the ride (while singing) :). Don't ask anymore...

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