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Great escapes

The theme of photoproject 'Beauty is where you find it' (#BIWYFI) in February was: Escape daily routine.

I should first admit that my biggest escape happened on that day, when I packed my bags and escaped to Austria. Many holidays that I’ve spent over the years in Austria leaded me to the place, where I said: I want to live here. And here I am.

When you find your place under the Sun, which means everything to you, it is not hard to find also the ‘thing’ that pulls you away from the daily routine.

My (great) escapes out of daily routine, away from loud kids, away from action, alarming state…, are to be found in nature. Between the mountains and the lake. Here I feel safe, here I feel wonderful. 

Every day nature shows a new face, that inspires me. Every day I’m looking forward to my little great escapes. Every day I’m thankful for every moment I spent here, where my heart sings. And this year, February was unbelievably giving, unforgettable!

I really hope that your escapes from daily routine are inspiring, refreshing and unforgettable too. And if not (yet), listen to the whispers inside you, pack your ‘bags’ and take the time off. You won’t regret it!

(Or check the link above and get inspired by different kinds of escapes that all the photoproject’s participants shared on that blog).

If it is too hot

When it is too hot for me, I like (if it is possible)  to climb up on the mountains.


The cold air cleanses your lungs, when you smell snow in the air, you start to think about a colder season and climbing up makes you tired just enough to not have any time left for thinking about the heat down there. 


And when you reach the top and stand at the edge, you look down - happy with your achivement, happy with your refreshed body, thinking about how everything is possible down there.  


Wishing you refreshed thoughts and never ending possibilities, too! - for every single day!  

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Almost B/W

I love black and white images, but I still can't resist to leave some color on them.  

 (at the edge of the World)

 (at the edge of the World)

PS: Not much to say these days, but far more to see.

(ready to slide down?)

(ready to slide down?)

Enjoy the images from Austria. I hope they will inspire you...

 (different textures)

 (different textures)


(glowing black)

(glowing black)

New beginnings

When thinking of a new beginning, my favorite country Austria comes to my mind. It is where I learn the most about Life...:

When climbing, do it slowly and always take a challenge.

When playing, use your imagination and have fun (with friends, if possible)!

When walking, always stop for the beautiful views and never forget that there can be snow in the summer too.

When in need to wash your soul, become calm as water on a lake.

When you get tired, rest, take a deep breath and let the nature heal you.

When you need a break, just do it (your way)!

When you need inspiration, look around and notice all the details.

When looking for a place to live, find a key where you feel at home and welcomed.

When grey days put you down, bring some colors in your life!

When you need some wisdom, travel into the ancient history.

And when you don't know where to begin, just open your eyes and jump!

Happy new beginnings, everybody!


All the images above are from my summer trip to Austria last year. You will find more images (from Austria - Vienna) on my FB Page, plus you can see more if you check my posts from previous years: Trust, Climbing, Times, Wheels, Plans, and more!