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Old days

Let's jump back to France now and back to the old days... 

Not only in Austria, but in France as well, I enjoyed some time pretending to live in the middle ages.

I wondered about my old friends and love...

about things I used to eat and buy...

and about swords that hurt my heart, and jewels that made my old days wonderful...

It's interesting how life changes. It's like five different persons lived my life until today... Hmmmm.

How many persons lived your life so far?

Invitation to...

... St.Nicola's market in the old part of town Kranj- tomorrow, on Saturday, December 3, 2011 from 4 pm until 8 pm. You will find Creatissimo there with new Xmas gifts made especially for you and people with the good taste.

I'm looking forward to see you there!

(a detail of one of a new who-knows-what Xmas gift ;)...)

Xmas Cards from School

We are busy bees with children in Montessori school. Getting ready for Xmas Bazaar. All Xmas cards are almost ready and here is what we decided to do this year - we are going 'eco' this year:

Xmas cards children 1 creatissimo lab.JPG

First we made our own stamps (many different kinds of Xmas trees grew up from our scissors).

Then we saved one old book from the trash and painted its pages with white paint.

We then stamped Xmas trees onto the 'recycled' paper the way we wanted. Lots of artistic freedom here we've had.

Xmas cards children 2 creatissimo lab.JPG

Of course we had to add some tinsels ;) and if the cards were still a bit 'boring' we added some stitches to bring them to life.

Xmas cards children 3 creatissimo lab.JPG

And if something went wrong, we had a solution for everything (you see, we are trying to take care of our environment, so we don't want to waste too many things). Sometimes we added some cloth, and sometimes we fixed imperfect stamping with adding some stripes and patterns over the tree. Smart kids we have here, eh? ;)

Xmas cards children 4 creatissimo lab.JPG

We are busy bees, but also very excited. With the money from the Xmas Bazaar, we will buy new learning materials for school, so we are doing our best to create beautiful, unique and special gifts for the visitors. We are sharing our idea to inspire you, but please, don't copy this - we know you can be creative your own way, too. Enjoy the creative process and stay warm!