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Today is dedicated to you. I hope you had a heartful, warm and pleasant day. Mine was. It will stay in my heart for sure.

I wish we would more often open our hearts truly. Not because of the Valentine's Day, but maybe because of this: 'To the world you are one person, but to one person you could be the world.' (- Albert Einstein)

I love books

Don't you think that the best gift for the book lovers would be a beautiful bookmark in the shape of heart? We made one!

That kind of a bookmark you can create for everyone whom do you hear saying: 'I love books. I love to read.'

It is a practical gift and a little, beautiful surprise. Everyone will love it!

And for the less pessionate book lovers... you can create the bookmarks from our yesterday's post :). The important thing is that you take some time for creating and to share your created works with people, dear to you, don't you think?

Have a lovely, creative day!


You can find heartful love everywhere if your heart is wide open... 

You can find heartful love everywhere if your heart is wide open... 

I'm finally back! Have you missed meeeeee?? I missed you a lot! I hope you're doing fine, and that you are good and creative.

After a long, curved road I managed to come back to this virtual world, was able to change this website so that it will shrink into your smart-phone's screen when needed (among other things you will also read it in Slovene or English language), plus I decided to take new challanges in my life.
For a start, I would like to ask you to set your selected reader to your taste (I believe, all the subscribers have got the Eng. version of the blog's rss into your reader as before, but those of you who want to read my blog in Slovene, will need to subscribe to it again - here is the rss link or just copy blog's url into your reader). PS: I read your news via Feedly.
You will also invited to 'try' my virtual 'cookies', so that I won't bother you with them all the time, and please, be patient with my website - it is still work in progress.

Thank you for not giving up on me... Finally we will 'see' each other here again more often. Thank you for stopping by!