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I wonder what are the stories behind these facades... 






And I wonder, what are the stories that you write behind your facade?


I write my story this week with a bunch of happy kids. You can find some pictures from the workshops here, on this link.

Monet & Giverny

No wonder Claude Monet created so many beautiful paintings. Look what kind of 'paintings' my camera discovered in Monet's gardens in Giverny. Join me on a short walk...

The light among flowers and the games they play together call for creating impressionistic paintings.

Impressions, inspirations...

Beautiful scents that you can't see...

Red dots, green dots, pink dots...

Water, water lillies and Japanese bridge. A quiet peace...

But the gardens wouldn't look so nice if there were no helping hands among plants all year round.

And what to do with these lines?

Hmm, it's time to paint! Let's go!