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Giving thanks, giving gifts - again!

Yesterday, in this post, I told you: it is back! So let's play again! Let's dedicate this month to the time for saying thanks to (extra)-ordinary people, things, moments... and let's give gifts of love, dedication, harmony!

Do you want to see how we played 'Giving thanks, giving gifts' previous times? Then check the December posts from previous years on this blog!


This year, we are going to play again. We will have almost the same rules as the years before, but as always, this year some things are going to be different as well. Play with us and you will see! Here are the rules:

  • From now on, every December post will have a question or a task for you. You can comment, share your wise thoughts, re-act... in the comments below. You can write the answers to any December post anytime in December until the game is over (you will be informed when), because I know how busy the month is. (I hope my posts will remind you that we should slow down a bit, breath, look around us and inside us... at least for a minute or two - to feel the warmth in our hearts and inner peace).
  • Invite the others to play with us. We will then hear about different perspectives and experiences, what will help us to grow.
  • Onto your blog, fb, etc. paste the picture from below (button) and link it to this post or blog, so that the button might invite more people to play.
  • Be creative. When commenting, use other media of expression (music, poetry, video, images, drawings etc) and inspire us!

Maybe (as in the previous years), although this game is not about competing or gaining material rewards, we might find some gifts for the participants, so: try hard and make our December days happier! With you, we will broaden our views, will learn new things, will learn more about you, and maybe we will even get inspired by you!...

(right click on the image, save it on your computer and put it on your blog, fb etc. Link it to or to this post)

(right click on the image, save it on your computer and put it on your blog, fb etc. Link it to or to this post)

So, let the joyful time begin!

Question #1:

To whom would you say 'thank you' the most this year? How would you 'say' thank you to this person, so that you surprise him/her with something that he/she would have never expect it?


Going trough my images from February, I decided to choose this one for the Photo-Heart Connection project by Kat Sloma

My heart sings when I look at this picture. It tells everything about what I love. A colorful, dynamic, happy, active family-life with kids who never get bored and where everyday activities are as much fun as anything else. 

This picture is a reminder that Life is Life. You can make it wonderful or you can make it miserable. Depends how you see things and what you do about them. 

Life is colorful, I say. What do you think?


We had fun this year on Mardi Gras (Carnival). So many smiles on faces, so many happy colors...

We saw some cute, little bees:

and there were cats chasing mice:

Luckily, the cutest mouse survived:

Even photographers were unique and colorful:

not to mention other masks:

Who wouldn't love this adorable Pippi Longstocking's smile??

We had fun, we've laughed, ate donuts, talked about this and that, we were squeezed in the crowd and we jumped up and down. I hope you had a great, happy day too!

Greetings from Pippi Longstocking Junior ;) ... from her changing room.