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Everything different

When a person, whom you didn't see for a long time, tells you that she will visit your country, you know exactly what to do. You reschedule your daily duties, grab your camera and count the minutes until the hour of the meeting.

Although we walked with Daša the paths I know, it was different. Different looks and different feelings...

Different motives, different steps. Different talks, different ideas. Different questions, different curiosity...

Everything old looks new. All boring and grey looks alive, but calm. Everything unimportant looks important...

The meeting was too short, the things to do and see too little, the words to say too small. Daša, next time we need to find more time, maybe even some time for creative stuff - wouldn't that be great?! :)

And how are you, dear readers? Do you have time for some meetings, some vagabonding, and do you fight the dreadful dragons on your way with those who support you?? 

I hope you have beautiful and nice days, esp. with people, for which is worth taking some time!

PS: And if you don't find anyone, I'm still here :)!

Spring is...! I've waited and waited to see if it is really, really here. Now I'm sure. 

She has wings, fancy shoes, modern look and gracious movement. It has all the pretty flowers with her and she scatters beautiful scents in the air. Little singing birds are there with her too. 


This painting took me ages to be finished. I'm still not very happy about it, but I had to stop before I would bring it into the wrong direction... I'm still exploring how to simplify things, like the face and other things. I like to put on my paintings lots of information (so that the viewer has to stop and spend some time exploring all the details), but on the other hand, I want that many info don't make a mess and chaos. They have to be simple, powerful and gentle...

Here are some details... 

And yes, there's a little bird 'hidden' there somewhere... 

...and yes, I did sew on this painting too. 

How does your spring look like? 

A Special Day

Sometimes the days are perfect. Sunshine, interesting places, nice company... and the camera. No need for anything else; everything is pure harmony.

It is exciting to explore places you've already seen, but there's always something different and surprising waiting for you there. It's the time when you feel that things are in a place, when nothing is missing, when the day is rich just because it is the way it is...

Anywhere I'd go with Vladka, I would love in. Nevertheless, we choose a place which stirs our imagination, takes our minds back to the old, mysterious times and enriches our inner selves. We went to Žiče near Slovenske Konjice.

We've chosen a glorious silence. Behind thick walls, we didn't find closed, darkrooms, on the contrary! A soft grass under our feet, clear skies above our heads, and tired walls talked about life in a distant past, and wide open doors invited us to enter a magical mysterious world.

Although the old Gothic cathedral propagated behind the silence, it was not difficult to imagine the sounds of coral singing, sometimes echoed from the high walls. Certainly they were 'close to heaven' when the monks in white gathered in the church and left the sublime vibrations of sounds. Heavenly sounds, heavenly melodies...

The walls didn't stop us from exploring the old monastery. In fact, our cameras sang cheerfully because of our enthusiastic views on different colored stones and remains of walls. How many times the walls were touched already, how many views the majestic architecture has conceived?

It was a nice day, a special day. The one you don't forget. The one that echoes in your heart.

When I look at the photos that emerged in our wandering, I see Vladka right beside me...I hear her story of her life. And I hear how sounds of our digi-cameras create a new melody, our own melody.

It was a special day, a nice day...

Too short... We will have to do it again :).

Do you want to know how Vladka has seen and experienced our day? Then you have to jump to her blog Ustvarjalna skrinja and let yourself into her hands.