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Natural style

This year I was inspired by nature, so my Christmas cards wear a natural look this time.

On some there's snow, and on the others you will find shiny stars...

You will soon be able to find them in our tiny shop.

And what kind of style you've chosen for your Christmas cards this year?

Sleeping Beauty

No, I was not lost in the old town, mentioned in my last post...

And I didn't fall asleep for tousand years like Sleeping Beauty...

I'm still here, I'm still alive.

Finally I can say we're back on the ground and in our home with floor & doors. Finally we feel at home... after all the workers packed their bags and left us alone. A good feeling indeed.

Now it's finally time for designing our living space. And time for my blog again, and for your blogs, of course, and... if I manage to put all my things from the boxes soon, it will be finally time for creative stuff.

(Sleeping beauty)

Happy creating, everyone!

#2: Gifts of the Gifts

Today, read the post at Vision & Verb blog and answer the following question (Question #2):

What was the most precious gift that you gave to a person or you've got from someone - for which you're still thankful for?


PS: Find the rules of the game 'Giving thanks, giving gifts 2011' here

And watch this video to see my plans for the precious gifts I plan to give in the future... Have a good day!