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I wish you were there...

...with me...

where you could hear the pebbles sing...

where you could caress the Ocean and walk out of a view...

and where you could take 1001 pictures and never have got bored of the beautiful views.

That's how I'll remember month July - being there, thinking of you and wishing you were there...

The first image in this post reminds me the most of that atmosphere there, so I chose it for the Photo-Heart connection project for July.

Can you imagine us there?

#7: Cold

It's cold outside and it's warm in our home. Today I'm thinking about all those people who have to work outside in the cold... Brrr! 

(Snow Queen)

So, today is a good day to thank two sorts of people. First, I'd like to say thank you to everybody, who is working outside, even when it's very, very cold. They take care of our roads, our trash, our forests, etc. Thank you for doing that for us!

And second, i 'd like to thank all the people who are not cold in relationships with the others. They are soft, warm and open. In one word: they are kind. Not only for the holidays... - they are kind all the time. Thank you! I'm sure we all need that.

Question #7: What is your favorite activity in the cold days?


Find the rules of the game 'Giving thanks, giving gifts 2011' here. Have a good day and thank you for sharing your thoughts! 

#3: Transparency

When we had phototherapy workshop last year and we had to work on ourselves (of course!), I discovered, that a very important word in my life is transparency.

I like to see all the layers behind the layer in front of me... - either it is in nature, in art works or in people. I like when people don't put a big wall in front of them and don't show you who they are... Or they put layers of make-up and hide behind the mask to not show you who they are.

I don't see the point of not showing my-Self to the others. How I can have a conversation with someone if I pretend to be someone else? What's the point? Whom am I fooling here??

Transparency is something that it is there, but you decide if you want to look for every layer. It's your choice will you see all the layers together or will you choose only one of them and explore that one... 

Yes, transparency is very important in my life: in nature, in my works and in my-Self.

Question #3: 

What word is important in your life?


PS: Find the rules of the game 'Giving thanks, giving gifts 2011' here

And watch this video to see my plans for the precious gifts I plan to give in the future... Have a good day!