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Off the road

Sometimes the best moments in life are found off the road...

So, let's take a road map in our hands, sit in the car and explore.
There are hidden treasures of your land everywhere. You just need to open your eyes, be open for new perspectives and make some space for new impressions. 

Your land is your land (literally) or your body... Allow yourself to start a new journey into unknown; it can be just for a day or two. It's worth it!

Between the lines

Prešeren (remembering our Slovene poet on Slovene Cultural Day).

Thinking about his words, his life, his dream.

What was put into his cradle when he was born?

What inspired him? What made him happy?

When I visit his home, I feel at home, although his home in Vrba is small and empty. Very different from a vivid Prešeren's market in Kranj. Everything seems to be 'Prešeren' - a quiet person and a person, full of life... We can be everything, too!

Happy cultural and creative day to all of you, dear readers - be who you are!

Time stopped

Time has stopped. I'm listening to the silence, whispered by the snow sprinkled over the streets and fields.

Words become speechless. Everything is perfect just the way it is. In silence.

What else to wish than: let it snow!

Let the stopped time rests your soul and body...