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Today is dedicated to you. I hope you had a heartful, warm and pleasant day. Mine was. It will stay in my heart for sure.

I wish we would more often open our hearts truly. Not because of the Valentine's Day, but maybe because of this: 'To the world you are one person, but to one person you could be the world.' (- Albert Einstein)

A gift of today

Almost without words I'm saying thanks to this special day that it exists. It knows why.

And I begin this year with a thought to which I will dedicate more time this year (but more about that some other time):

'Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better.' (- Albert Einstein)

Keep moving

Sometimes I'm stuck. I find a problem and dig and dig and dig into it. I torture it, I torture myself with it, trying to get into the bottom of it and am getting angry at it, because nothing happens usually. Because I forget that everything around me keeps on moving, they go with the flow. When you're stuck, you only have a little time to go further, or you will fall.

Inspiration No.8 of Giving thanks, giving gifts: keep moving!

I wish that you go through the year and through your life with a flow. Don't stay stuck too long when you find obstacles on your path. Keep on moving, even though slowly. Let your ride through the days makes your days interesting, colorful and full of new learning.

Be brave!


PS: you can freely share my gifts (photos in my December posts) further. If you can’t save them from this website, you can save/share them via my FB page: CreatissimoLab FB page. I’m looking forward to celebrate this time with you!