History is history

My history likes to play with my present. Old things and events are popping up althought thaey should have stayed in archives for a year or even two. But they make waves on the sea level or they even muddy the bottom of the sea.

Thought No.7 of Giving thanks, giving gifts: choose imagination.

Let the history stays in the history. Let yourself into the unlimited imagination and leave the past and the past experiences in the past. Don't let that something from the past restrain your development. Imagination is open for all ideas, for all fresh and magnificant experiences and realisations. Jump into the imagination - you will notice that it has no end, no limitations.



PS: you can freely share my gifts (photos in my December posts) further. If you can’t save them from this website, you can save/share them via my FB page: CreatissimoLab FB page. I’m looking forward to celebrate this time with you!