I can't belive it how I like this quiet period, full of waiting. I'm without words, I don't browse other blogs, I don't create much. I'm in a kind of half-conscious state, observing playfull thoughts, growing new ideas and new learning steps. It is interesting that I like it very much, although the days are tough and too short for things to grow faster...

And during this time of wandering in my world of imagination, and when your thoughts my wander to Schladming (Austria), I'm sending you some visual greetings from there. Well, they are two years old, but they were preparing for this big skiing event back then already.

Whoever will go there will know where did I take these pictures, esp. the picture of that interesting structure on the upper right site of the image below.(No, it was not shot on the Moon ;) ).

It was summer, but I could enjoy the snow and ice. Do you remember that post? Oh, well, Austria is just full of surprises. I love it!

Enjoy - on your feet or high in the sky! I hope I'll be back soon!

Posted on February 4, 2013 and filed under misc, photography, travel.