Chandelier in the middle of the street. Chandelier without a ceiling. Un-usual, at least for my eyes. What for? What's the purpose? Who has got this unique idea? Many questions, but no answers.


But is it really unusual? Maybe the others find it 'usual', okay? The more we see unusual things, the more they become usual to us...

I like un-usual things if they lead to pleasure, good feelings, smile, enthusiasm. I don't like un-usual things that provoke, destroy, irritate. That's why I would like to say thank you to all those originals, who with their un-usual 'doing' enrich our daily life and who make our day (at least for a moment) brighter.

Question #5:

Have you ever been surprised by unusual thing, which you really liked?

PS: The question is part of the game 'Giving thanks, giving gifts'. Join us! (You can find the rules in one of  the previous posts here and all the questions in all December posts). Rejoyce with us and have fun!