In one of the Sience museums they gave us a task to sit on a wheel chair and test ourselves with it. There were the obstacles that people on wheel chairs face in their daily life - every single day.  


What a challange! And we only had to try this within a few square meters!

And these days, while learning a foreign language, I watched the movies with the subtitles for deaf-and-dumb and thought, that I must dedicate one of December posts to all the people who take care of the disabled people

I would like to say thanks to all inventors who make our lives easier by inventing instruments that help us to be 'us' again. And thank you to all those people who stand beside disabled, day and night, all their life... if necessary.

But I would also like to say thanks to all disabled, because they are my example, how fully I should live my life, and how should I cherish everything I have and everything I am. Thank you!  


Question #2:

What kind of obstacle disables you in your life or of which obstacle are you affraid of? (And you're thankful for the instrument that helps you to be you or you are thankful for the perfectly working and whole Self).

My obstacle are the eyes as I don't see well. Sometimes I'm scared that my sight will get worse, and I just can't imagine my life without my sight! I would do everything to see clearly again! How about you?