When you're welcome

Today, let's jump from the busy school days and my 'story' from France to my favorite travel destination: Austria. I went there in August (as usually every summer) and as it always enlightens all the month with joy, excitement, refreshment, I chose an image from this holiday for the Photo-Heart connection project for August.

I took many pictures there, but when going through all my images, this image jumped out with a warm massage of welcoming, and that's exactly how I feel every time I go there.

'Tables' are set, waiting for you. You feel a warm welcome, like you came home from a long journey. Everybody is waiting just for you, waiting to serve you and make you feel special. You have just the right amount of privacy and just the right amount of attention. Because of that feeling I keep coming back every year. (Check out some of my previous posts from there - like: 'Plans', 'Neighbour - part 1, 'Don't mess with school', etc.). I didn't feel this way when I was in France, neither in some other countries, like UK or Italy... Austria really makes my heart jump :)!

These pictures were taken in an old castle, where I went to see a special performance about the old days...

It was wonderful and funny!

And the castle could become one of the scenes for some horror movies, don't you think??

Now, off I go to check other Photo-Heart connections of the month August... Will you join me?