Sometimes you feel different. Sometimes you feel alone. Sometimes nobody understands you and sometimes you don't understand the rest of the world. 

Sometimes people tell you who you are, but you're thinking: 'Where did they get this idea of me? This is not who I am!'

Only you really know who you are. Maybe there is a shadow over your heart and you don't see the answer in your heart clearly, but it is there, waiting for you, anytime you're ready to dig deep.

Some people can dig deep by themselves, some people need help. I'm lucky to help some people to get the answers via art therapy techniques. Digging deep can be like being born again, like a blooming tree or growing seeds. It is scary and exciting, painful and joyful. It is extraordinary!

Today, I'd like to remind you that you ARE somebody! You are extraordinary, unique, one of a kind person on this planet! Nobody should tell you you're not good enough! They don't know your path, they don't know who you are and why you are who you are. Only YOU can tell and only YOU can walk away from the people and places who are not aligned with you! You are YOU!

There are people out there who want you to be you! Give them a hand and you can dance together and jump high in the air with them. Isn't that a wonderful way to use your energy? I say it is!! 

So, today, I'm giving my hand to one of the soulful sisters Elizabeth Gonzales. She is spreading her love and inspiration with her smile and works, so she is a perfect 'someone' to hang out with and to jump in the air with her. What about yours - who is one of your 'someone'?